Brain and Behavior Essay

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Neurons are the initiators of all human activity, emotion, and cognition. The neural input goes down the dendritic neuron until it reaches the axon terminal, where other neurons transport it from the synapse. Action is commenced by the firing of an action potential (i.e. nerve impulse) that causes a neuron to dash down the dendrite. Neurons communicate via chemical messages called neurotransmitters that transmit the neuron and push it along from one axon to another enticing them to cross synapses whilst doing so. Sometimes the neurotransmitters impede the neurons from crossing over the synapse by inhibiting the receiving cell. At other times they excite the neuron and receptor allowing the receptor to welcome the neuron and to facilitate its passage. Neural activity is farther enhanced and regulated by other chemicals called neuropeptides. The brain, it has recently been discovered, works according to the principle of neuroplasticity, namely, it can 'rewire' itself and modify according to experience and environment.

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Neuroscientists divide the nervous system into the central nervous system (CNS) comprising the main part of the brain and the peripheral nervous system (PNS) made up of spine and brain stem. The PNS includes the somatic (voluntary) and the autonomic (instinctive) nervous systems. Most of the computing (actions, emotions, decisions) is carried out by the CNS. The PNS carried sensory information to and from the brain via the brain stem and spine. Instinctive bodily processes are regulated by the autonomic nervous system in a dual process of sympathetic branch (i.e. reactive) and parasympathetic (i.e. quelling) as exemplified in the 'fight and flight response' where fear may cause an instinctive (sympathetic) reaction, instantly after subdued by the parasympathetic rejoinder.

Neuroscientists study the brain for various reasons not least to investigate the causes and brain regions of behavior as well as to better comprehend and cure pathological disease. Brain research is conducted through various forms of imagery (e.g. CT, PET, or fMRI), through simple studies / observations, or though lesioning.

Essay on Brain and Behavior Assignment

The human brain, otherwise known as the cerebral cortex, is divided into left and right hemispheres connected by the corpus colluseum. Each hemisphere… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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