Brain Injury Thesis

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Brain Injury Resources in Kane County

In choosing to focus on brain injury, it is our desire that the general public's awareness of the serious of such injuries will be raised, as will the knowledge and understanding that symptoms might not be immediately visible. As early care for brain injuries is not only most effective but often the only way of forestalling permanent damage or death, this awareness is extremely important (NIH 2010). Every year, nearly one-and-a-half million people suffer traumatic brain injuries through falls, automobile accidents, and through other causes, and fifty thousand of these individuals die (BIAA 2010). The vast majority of those who suffer a fall or other accident that results in a brain injury are treated in emergency rooms or urgent care facilities only, then released with possible outpatient check-ups (BIAA 2010). By investigating available educational and support resources on the subject, a clearer image of the state of brain injury awareness emerged.

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The lack of true attention and care to this issue in much of the country is evidenced by the relative dearth of dedicated supported groups and other resources in Kane County, Illinois, where the only group meets weekly in Elk Grove Village (BIAI 2010). This is a fair distance from the main population center of Elgin, and is not an especially well-publicized gathering. It is, however, the only meeting publicized within Kane County at all; though all local hospitals and emergency rooms are equipped to deal with brain injuries, there is not a specific medical or support program or clinic within the county that is at all publicized as specializing in the treatment of brain injuries (BIAI 2010). Funding for hospitals is both private (i.e. profit driven) and public (government and charity).

Thesis on Brain Injury Assignment

There is a statewide support line for Illinois veterans that have suffered traumatic brain injuries, and these men and women often make up a large percentage of a community's injured (IDHS 2010). This resource, however, is also difficult to find for the general public, and is not open to anyone who has not served in the military in some capacity. As of now, there do not appear to be any plans to create a similar system of support and resources for non-veterans in the state (IDHS 2010). Additional resources that would definitely be of benefit to the residents of Illinois as a whole and of Kane County and Elgin specifically would be the creation of a similar hotline, and if possible for support groups -- hosted in hospitals, if necessary -- to be a more widespread and common feature throughout Illinois, and especially in population centers such as Elgin and the rest of Kane County.

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