Brain Tumors Research Paper

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Brain tumors originate from the brain as primary or secondary tumors, where origin cell type defines the tumor dictating the appropriate kind of treatment.

Brain tumors originate from the brain cells being either primary or secondary tumors.

The type of cells from which brain tumors originate describes the types of various brain tumors.

Symptoms of brain tumors start as common ailments but as the condition worsens, clear symptoms start to appear.

Diagnosis of brain tumors bases of the medical history of the patient giving information on the appropriate treatment that is depends on type, location, and condition of the patient.

Brain Tumors


For long time, brain tumors have been serious conditions that can affect individuals without compromise of their age. For example, in the United States of America, the primary brain tumors constitute approximately 1% of all reported cases, which approximates 13,000 cases translating to about 2.5% deaths annually (Health Encyclopedia, n.p.). Being a mild or cancerous growth that happens in the brain, brain tumors can be either primary brain tumors, originating from the tissues of the brain or secondary tumors, which will originate from other parts of the body and spreads affecting the brain and the type of origin cells defines the tumor dictating the appropriate kind of treatment.

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To children, primary brain tumors constitutes to the greater percentage of solid tumor cases. To the grownups, researches indicate that form the latest cases, there has been a gradual increase of cases with age, where the greatest number is found to be between the 50 and 55 years. The brain is also a destination of transferred tumors from other parts of the body (metastasis). For example, the breast, lung, and kidney cancers are prone to transfer to the brain (Ali-Osman 126). Considering this situation, if a physician discovers that an individual diagnosed earlier with a tumor in other parts of the body, he/she would be highly inclined towards thinking of a metastasis case compared to a primary one. The brain is also vulnerable to being part of a straightforward enlargement of nasal tumors.


Research Paper on Brain Tumors Assignment

The origin of brain tumors describes the types of various brain tumors. There are those brain tumors that originate from different kinds of cells found in the brain and others associate with supporting tissues, and constitute a greater percentage of cases compared to those resulting from nerve cells. The fundamental aspect in naming tumors bases on the type of cell from which the tumor develops. For example, if a tumor arises from neural-supporting cell, this kind of tumor will be an astrocytome, which is an astrocyte tumor. Those tumors arising from the linings of the cells on the unblocked parts found inside the spinal cord as well as the brain will be the ependymoma where else tumors associated with the neurons will take different kinds such as ganglioneuroma, neuroblstoma or retinoblastoma. Apart from the above three kinds, other tumors appear to be uncommon and they associate with particular cells in the brain. These will include germinoma, pinealoma as well as choroid plexus carcinoma (Health Encyclopedia, n.p.). From all these types, some may lack clearly perceived causes but their symptoms help in diagnosis.


Brain tumors will associate with two extensive classes of symptoms. The earliest symptoms will come from, as the tumor grows, there will be a rising pressure exerted in the brain. Since the covering of the brain (Skull) is a hard enclosure, it does not concede to the expansion, the consequences will be, first headaches that are a common, and one might fail to know it is resulting from a brain tumor. However, since it is because of a tumor, it will continue firmly and become more serious as the condition becomes worse. The difficult times of a victim will be mostly during the nights and in the early hours of the morning. Secondly, vomiting will be another symptom which has an option to be accompanied by nausea and will be an often occurrence to children compared to adults. Thirdly,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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