Brand Extension Term Paper

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Brand Extension

The World's leading coffee beverage maker, Starbucks, is sending shock waves in the global markets with its new products and extension of existing ones considered as the driver for growth. The company also intends to leverage on evolution of mobile commerce to drive its sales because more and more people use smart phones in their endeavors (Kaushik, 2012). Mobile commerce is especially important for the company's instant brewed coffee that is ready to make having being a success story in the previous years. The company also intends to cash-in on its Verismo coffee maker machine whose performance can be attested to in the previous years since it was introduced. Starbucks intends to sell more of the coffee machines. This it undertakes to actualize by using online portals as the medium of change. That decision is informed by the fact that more and more consumers brew a la Starbucks Espresso in their homes using the coffee machine. The company intends to engage in mobile commerce to grab a slice of the ever growing mobile user segments who have taken to using their mobile phones to transact. The heat from Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds has compelled Starbucks to open new fronts to mobile wallet offerings. Its rivals have tried keeping up with the competition by also trying to go one step ahead in this crowded market segment (Kaushik, 2012).

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Starbucks brand extension initiatives has prompted it to unveil a revamped global brand identity. The brand's familiar logo has shifted from being green and black to solely green. The outer circle of the logo that had the words Starbucks encrypted on it has been ditched. This has given the siren figure more prominence (Gemma, 2011). The logo shift is a new blueprint for profitability. The company other than being a coffee company and retailer intends to have other products with Starbucks on it but no coffee in it. The new logo has been rolled out in new destinations where it appears on the chain's exteriors, uniforms, and in-store material. Its ceramic mugs have also been replaced by ones with a slimmer design (Gemma, 2011).

Term Paper on Brand Extension Assignment

As part of brand extension Starbucks has come up with Starbucks Coffee Liqueurs. Starbucks has become so popular in the market because it has high-class persona, making people who try it feel like they are experiencing something indulgent that is hardly found anywhere else. This has also applied to this (coffee liqueurs) Starbucks' extension (De Mesa, 2005). This brand comes in a simple bottle with short glass lid. The logo on this bottle is centered and is found on more than one spot. This is intended to enable customers know it's a product from Starbucks. This product is made with 100%… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Brand Extension Term Paper

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