Brand Management of Bd's Mongolian Barbecue vs. P.F. Chang Term Paper

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Brand management of BD's Mongolian Barbeque vs. P.F. Chaing

Both BD's Mongolian Barbeque and P.F. Chang are U.S. based organizations acting within the framework of the food industry, focused on the specific traits of the Mongolian and, respectively, Chinese cuisine. Despite having the same activity profile, their brand image is built through different levers that highlight each company's personality and positioning aim.

In order to discuss the parallelism between the two organizations, a primary aspect that one could mention refers to the ingredients which make a brand unique.

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BD's Mongolian Barbeque's unique selling proposition (U.S.P) derives from a rather ludic profile because it lays a great stress on the idea of "interactive dining experience" ( inviting its clients to create their own stir-fry. Consequently, it targets a segment that is willing to have the initiative of its own meal while relaxing and having fun, at the same time. The idea of breaking routine boundaries and differentiating from other people who are afraid to try something new or unconventional is perfectly outlined by the company's slogans determining to action: "BDifferent! Go Mongo," "Create your own stir-fry!," "BD's is an interactive casual dining experience focused on fun, choice, control" or "You rule the experience" (, the main emphasis is on the customer seen as an individual who wants to stand out rather than a part of a drove, generically called "clients." On the other hand, BD's specificity is also provided by the conspicuous resemblance existing between the style of a culinary journey, in a BD restaurant, and the manner in which Genghis Khan's warriors or Mighty Khan's haunters used to eat. For instance, a proof showing BD's strongly enrooting in Mongolian history is the design of BD restaurants "out in the open, on a large round stone grille" (,reminding of Mongolian ancestors.

Term Paper on Brand Management of Bd's Mongolian Barbecue vs. P.F. Chang Assignment

Unlike BD's idea of converting clients to highly-motivated participants in the cooking process, P.F. Chang focuses on diligently serving its customers through a competent, reliable staff who is always ready to guide clients when these are at a loss. P.F. Chang's uniqueness is mainly based on the Chinese cultural background whose essence is expressed by the company's goal:"attaining harmony of taste, texture, color, and aroma by balancing the Chinese principles of fan and t'sai. Fan foods include rice, noodles, grains, and dumplings, while vegetables, meat, poultry, and seafood are t'sai foods" (

Another item that contributes to P.F. Chang's brand personality is the major role of the wine list presenting wines arranged from "the highest to the most intense." This transforms Bacchus' liquor into a drink accessible to all consumers.

P.F. Chang's brand image is also completed by the company's preoccupation with ensuring the proper nutrition for each type of client. This principle explains the "gluten free menu" addressing to people intolerant with this substance and the "training table menu," oriented to people taking part in energy-consuming events who need a higher energetic value.

In contrast with BD, P.F. Chang's creative strategy doesn't abound in slogans highlighting its uniqueness. It prefers statements that focus on the high quality of services and the pleasure of serving the clients rather than urging clients to action:" We're truly glad you're here and will do everything we can to make you want to come back again!"( this context, a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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