Brand Vision Statement and Rationale Term Paper

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Bally Total Fitness - Branding

Bally Total Fitness Holding Corporation (NYSE: BFT)

Brand Vision Statement and Rationale

The objective of this work is to from the stance of a young professional in an advertising agency who has been invited to pitch a new account to study the client's brand and develop a proposed brand vision statement and rationale based on the analysis. The chosen brand is Bally Total Fitness.

Bally Total Fitness holds claim as the "largest and only nationwide commercial operator of fitness centers. Bally has four million member, 440 facilities in 29 states under the brands: Bally Total Fitness (R) Crunch Fitness (SM) Gorilla Sports (SM) Pinnacle Fitness (R), Bally Sports Club (R) and Sports Clubs of Canada (R) brands." (Blackstone, 2005) Furthermore, Bally offers "a unique platform for distribution of a wide range of products and services targeted to active, fitness-conscious adult consumers." (Blackstone, 2005)

Core Identity

A. Brand Soul

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Total fitness is that which irrevocably represents, characterizes and brands the Bally Total Fitness name. Bally Total Fitness Holding is the "largest fitness center operator in the U.S., with about 440 gyms in 29 states as well as Canada, Mexico, and Asia. Most of the locations do business under Bally Total Fitness which is the stated "flagship brand" while others operate as "Gorilla Sports, Pinnacle Fitness, Crunch, Sports Clubs of Canada and Bally Sports Clubs." Bally boats 4 million members with "access to pools, aerobic programs, running tracks, and racquet courts, as well as personal trainers and sports medicine services." Marketed also by Bally are "private label nutritional products and health-related products. There are approximately 2,200 third-party Bally Total Fitness locations. Bally Total Fitness top competitors are stated by Hoovers Online to be: (1) 24-Hour Fitness (2) Gold's Gym; and (3) YMCA.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Brand Vision Statement and Rationale Assignment

Bally Total Fitness is 'customer-centric'. Bally has expanded its private-label nutritional line which is now inclusive of "Rapid Results" packs which help members in achieving their desired results. Further noted are enhancement to group exercise is inclusive of classes that are 'cutting-edge' such as Kwando Spar, Pilates, Yoga and Aqua Fitness. Bally currently employees approximately 3, 300 trainers on staff and expects to double that number. In the year 2000 Bally generated $111 million in revenues as well as $38.6 million in operating income, showing an increase of 74% over the previous year. As of 2000, Retail revenue was reported to be up and continuing upward propelled by Bally's nutritional drinks and bars. Reported in reference to the building and leveraging of the Bally Brand was that Bally had "aggressively pursued a number of brand building initiatives including co-marketing partnerships with leading consumer product companies...AOL Time Warner, Kodak, Pepsi, Kraft, Spring, Novartis and others. (Bally Total Fitness Outlines Plans for Continued Growth and Profitability, 2001)

B. Brand Values - The brand values that comes from the soul of the brand.

Brand values of Bally Total Fitness, are just as the name implies- total overall fitness, both nutritionally and including exercise as well. Reported at the Red Nova website in December, 2004 is that: "The "Your Bally" campaign marks the beginning of the Company's second phase of evolution towards being a Total Fitness company and brand with relevance to a broad demographic of Americans facing a wide range of health, fitness and wellness challenges. This initiative began a year ago with the successful "Every Body Needs Something" campaign which focused on broadening the reach and appeal of joining a fitness club to consumers of all health and fitness levels. In a continued departure from its historical strategy of featuring super-buff models in the gym, the "Your Bally" campaign focuses on real people, facing the real situations in their every day lives."(RedNova, 2004) According to Chairman and CEO Paul Toback,

As the nation's only Total Fitness company, we know that a commitment to total health and fitness is more than just a person's workouts three to five times a week, it is about the nutrition and exercise choices they make every day and Bally can help with both. Last year, we began a transition of our operations, our membership structures and our product service offerings as part of the evolution of our brand to "total fitness," and this year's campaign is a continuation of that effort....Bally is a customer-focused organization, and our members come in all ages and sizes.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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