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¶ … Branding Strategy

Critiquing Research in Motions' Brand

In critiquing the Research in Motion (RIM) brand according to the major attributes of a brand audit (Keller, 2000) the transition RIM made from being purely technologically driven to re-defining their identity based on the young, upwardly mobile C-level executives, company founders, and industry leaders who comprise their customer base. The need for creating an entirely new strategy for showing how the Blackberry didn't always have to lead to exceptional career performance but could also be relied on as a tool for attaining work/life balance for its users is also now an objective of this brand critique. Breaking the Crackberry reputation (Columbus, 2003) by showing highly successful customers and providing insights into their interesting, passionately-lived lives that also have work/life balance have created an entirely new set of values for the RIM brand.

First Brand Attribute: Brand Excels at delivering the benefits customers truly desire.

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RIM has struggled with this area of their branding the most, showing much vacillation between leading with technology or with benefits. The "crackberry" backlash the company has gone through that damaged the brand and also highlighted how addictive it can be to check e-mail constantly has been battled against by the company, stressing how movers and shakers, and leaders of high growth and unique companies are now using the Blackberry to get more freedom. In an era where there is more accountability and measurement of how people use their time, the positioning by RIM with their latest branding campaign seeks to underscore the freedom that their devices can provide. As has been mentioned however the Blackberry was initially seen as a digital leash by many critics, and that reputation has not completely gone away for RIM.

Second Brand Attribute: The brand stays relevant.

Term Paper on Branding Strategy Assignment

Globalization, teleworking, and a highly mobile workforce all are social factors that contribute to RIM's increasing relevance as a brand. The relevancy of the brand when presented from a purely technological standpoint was mediocre however; when executives would be given one it was considered both an honor and a curse. Today however RIM, with its revised approach to speaking to upwardly mobile, high achieving professionals, has been able to increase its relevancy while fighting off the Crackberry reputation it had gained previously.

Third Brand Attribute: The pricing strategies is based on consumers' perceptions of value

RIM's product strategies connote a price/quality relationship as the prices for their devices are at the high end of the market. RIM continues to segment its prospect base and continually works to bring out lower priced models. For all these efforts however RIM is still seen as a device companies buy their employees, not that an employee buys themselves. RIM continues to also pursue premium positioning from a purely product price standpoint. Pricing of services contracts are outside the control of RIM on many occasions, yet these costs define the brand significantly as well (Kelly, 1998)

Fourth Brand Attribute: The brand is properly positioned.

When initial branding was released by RIM the brand was not correctly positioned; it was very product centric and lacked a solutions focus. Instead of concentrating on the benefits to busy, upwardly mobile professionals, the company focused instead on the technological depth of its products. The branding re-vamp completed to put a face on the specific brand itself however has moved the brand to a closer alignment with what their prospects are looking for.

Branding, when consistent and successfully applied, successfully creates differentiation over time (Market Research Executive Board, 2005).

Fifth Brand Attribute: The brand is consistent.

The RIM branding strategy has been incredibly inconsistent, beginning with technological superiority followed by a user-centered messaging campaign, and now with a product line message on top of using the personas of their customers to make their products more identifiable with. In short RIM has committed one of the most common gaffes or mistakes (Keller, 2000) and that is the temptation to continually change their branding messaging depending on what the market is telling them. This continues to be a challenge for the company today.

Sixth Brand Attribute: The brand makes use of and coordinates a full repertoire of marketing activities to build equity.

RIMs' re-launch to put the face of their customers onto their brand did this very well, coordinating the launch strategy across many media forms, both online and offline. The company's re-launch… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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