Essay: Brazil the Economy

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[. . .] Culture

Brazilian culture is very diverse due to its geography. It is the result of the melting pot of several races that have shaped Brazilian culture. Portuguese are not the only ones who have contributed towards Brazilian culture by components like religion and language. Other populations like native Indians, some Africans, Europeans, and people of Asia and Middle East who settled in this territory have also played a significant role in shaping rich and very distinct culture of Brazil.

Its culture is very famous throughout the world due to its kindness and hospitality. Moreover, the colorful Carnivals of Catholic style with musical activities are also very significant in the Brazilian culture. The diversity in the Brazilian society can also be recognized by its division into different classes; each having different attitudes and values. Understanding these values and norms of the Brazilian citizens of different classes; help in developing better relationships and doing a more successful business in Brazil.

Key Concepts of Brazilian Culture


Brazilians keep family at the central part of their social culture. Brazilian families are very large and closely linked with each other, due to which they are socially interconnected and also provide security to each other. The family importance can also be seen in the Brazilian business culture as most of the people will either be doing a family business or will be doing jobs in the same company (Malinak 01).


Building strong relationships with others is also very important in Brazil as Brazilians heavily depend upon their relationship with others. Therefore it is essential to spent time and make personal and professional relationships in order to do successful business in Brazil. This also helps in knowing the right people and minimizes any possible confusions and frustrations (Malinak 01).

Understanding Brazilian Business Culture

It is very important to understand the Brazilian business culture, in order to do a successful business in this growing economy.

Brazilian Business Etiquette

Shaking hands is common way of greeting between the business colleagues. Men shake hands when greeting one another, while maintaining steady eye contact. Women generally kiss each other, starting with the left and alternating cheeks. In more informal situations, men and women also kiss or briefly embrace another. If a woman wishes to shake hands with a man, she should extend her hand first (Malinak 03).

Relationships & Communication

It is very important for the Brazilians to know with whom they are doing business. They are more concerned about the individuals with which they meet rather than the organization to which they belong. Foreigners should also be careful that Brazilian in a group meeting or discussion should not be embraced by anything.

Face-to-face communication is given preference over written communication in Brazilian business culture. However, when it is time to make agreements or deals; Brazilian emphasizes a lot on making detailed contracts. This is done to make everything clear and avoid any confusions and misunderstandings in future.

Dress Etiquette

Brazilians who seem to be very informal in nature are very conscious about the fashion. They dress well in the business gatherings and meetings. Men wear dark colored two piece suits and three piece suits in case of executive positions. Business women wear good quality, decent and elegant dresses along with some stylish accessories.

Business Hours

The working days in Brazil are from Monday to Friday, starting from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM or 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Some factories also work on Saturdays while retail outlets remain open on weekends. Bank timings are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and government offices work from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM except on Saturdays.

Time and Punctuality

Punctuality is not common in Brazil and strict timings are not followed. Time is considered as flexible and therefore the overall life moves ahead with a very slower pace and business negotiations also take more time than normal (Malinak 02).

Growth opportunities, foreign investment demand, government flexibilities, growing population and increasing consumer demand make Brazil an ideal place for the foreign investors to invest in this fifth largest country of the world.

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