Break All the Rules Book Review

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Possessing positive interpersonal skills is very important to balance the environmental harmony between employees as well as to improve their attitudes towards clients and co-workers. The big five factor model has been also emphasized from the book that explains about particular behaviors that are very relevant to the practice of business management. The openness to experience is a factor that pertains about the organizational behavior's awareness regarding all kinds of positive and negative outcomes for every activity that has been performed to identify issues that are appropriate and inappropriate actions to improve the organization. Conscientiousness is the process of showing self-discipline while extraversion refers to the process of seeking motivation to increase the core groups of managing all involved staff effectively. Agreeableness is the act of compassion that represents unity in order to achieve goals for a short period of time while the act of neuroticism is the ability to show emotions towards opposing issues that helps to identify behaviors and management that needs to be restructured. The concept of integrating Maslow's hierarchy of needs are beneficial to the organizational theory behavior for the reason that it concerns with the psychological and physiological needs between all staff members that includes food incentives and salary allowances for them to maintain their energy performance. It is also important to consider the needs of clients under the process of organizational theory concept because these are needs that are the symbol of quality services that are rendered to employ customer satisfaction according to Buckingham and Coffman (1999).

Book Review on Break All the Rules: What Assignment

There are advantages that can be applicable due to the relevant insights to the field of management. This includes the manner of improving not only the manager's proficiency but also for the involved employees who were being delegated for all the tasks to become productive. It stressed about the importance of having a balanced interpersonal atmosphere because having a good character organizes the whole management organization to meet goals effectively. There are disadvantages that can also be associated such as the limitation of management that can be only be met by individuals who have acquired skills and knowledge such as educational background to be able to apply this kind of skills to their professional practice. Employees who have limited knowledge for not attending higher educational level will not understand the real structure of management implementation that is a considerable distressful event for their side.

Part III: Implication and Recommendation of the Study

It has been learned that the book is beneficial to the field of management because it brought out significant impact for raising essential theoretical capabilities, skills, and attitude as an important factors to build a more stable organizational management pattern. It has been learned that the process of acquiring management skills is not only applicable to professional practice but it is also concerned with the participation of personal affairs because it helps to improve your personality while doing your daily routines. There will be professional growth that will be observed by using the book because it contains relative guidelines and appropriate principles on how to deal with difficult tasks that are faced with challenges for a particular period of time. As a recommendation of the study, the book should be employed by academic administrators that include professors because it is a representation of role modeling concepts that possesses some idealistic theories to improve student's perspectives about management structure. Professionals should be reading the book such as managers, executives and employees because it helps to present some of the most important theoretical aspects on how to manage employees and certain institution to become more productive and efficient with their tasks.


Buckingham, Marcus and Coffman, Curt (1999). First, break all the Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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