Breaking the News" by James Term Paper

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[. . .] The anecdote illustrates the conflict that happens between two journalists, and, eventually, between the journalists and the public (with the inclusion of the military), when confronted to choose between covering a newsworthy footage or saving the lives of people under the danger of death. The journalists' decision to become objective and cover the event instead of saving the lives of those in danger illustrates the lack of consideration that the mass media has on the reality that surrounds them. That is, they choose to objectify every reality that they encounter everyday, and assess their judgment and behavior based on the newsworthiness of an event as it is presented to them. In this example, Fallows shows how the mass media have become an autonomous institution that cares only for itself and not the public and its welfare, the very people whom they should serve, first and foremost.

"Breaking the News" have effectively reflected what Fallows have asserted to be the current preoccupation of the mass media at present: that is, 'charming' and 'winning the acceptance of the crowd' (public). Ultimately, the mass media's preoccupation in influencing the public is based not so much on the concern that it has for the American public's welfare, but on the potential profits that media conglomerates can make when they are able to capture their audience, the public, in every news or entertainment piece that they offer. Sadly, the book has also opened the people's eyes to the hard reality that the mass media is firstly, an economic institution before becoming a social institution. Fallows' experiences and observations as a media practitioner over the years serves proof that the mass media has become an autonomous body that is detached from the public and the realities of the society, and, unfortunately, operating under its own agenda and purposes.

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Fallows, J. (1996). Breaking… [END OF PREVIEW]

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