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¶ … leadership in the medieval world with leadership today. Specifically it will discuss the leadership style of Brett Favre and compare his leadership skills to those of medieval leaders. Favre is a modern day knight, leading his team to victory week after week, and embodying many of the essential qualities of a medieval leader.

A chose Brett Favre because I admire him on and off the football field. I believe he is a strong and vibrant person, and that he has leadership qualities that help him with his football career and in life. I also admire him because although he is highly paid, he has started many charities with some of his money to help people that need it, and I think that it is an important quality of a good leader to give back to the community and to use some of their wealth to help others.

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I know that leadership is an important quality in anyone who hopes to lead others and reach the top of their chosen field. I think that Brett Favre embodies this, but the literatures we have studied indicate this is not a new idea. In medieval times, leaders had to lead their men into battle to keep their castles and lands together, and they had to be shrewd and noble leaders to get the men to follow and support them. As Beowulf says in the beginning of the epic poem, "As their leader had bidden, whose word was law in the Scylding realm which he long had ruled," (Kennedy 3), the leader's "word was law," and it's kind of like that on the football field, too. Favre is a quarterback, and he calls the plays, leads the team down the field, and is the real leader of the team, so he has a lot in common with those medieval leaders whose word was law, too.

Term Paper on Brett Favre Assignment

Medieval leaders were also brave, they had to fight everything from other knights to dragons. "Beowulf" continues, "The flame of the dragon had levelled the fortress, the people's stronghold washed by the wave. But the king of warriors, prince of the Weders, Exacted an ample revenge for it all" (Kennedy 75). The leader was responsible for the welfare of many others, and just like that, Favre is responsible for the welfare of the other men on his team, and indirectly, for the welfare and happiness of the fans who watch the Packers play every week.

How did I search for information on Brett Favre? I began my search online, and found several sites devoted to him, including his own official site, and another "fan" site that had a wealth of information. I wanted to learn more about the man, where he came from and what he believed, and I found this information there. They were very complete, giving pictures of the man both professionally and personally, and they helped cement my ideas about Favre and his leadership qualities. Here's what I found out.

Brett Favre was born October 10, 1969 in Gulfport, Mississippi. He lived in a very small town that didn't even have paved roads. His biography says, "Brett's father taught his boys mental and physical toughness. it's easy to see that the philosophy that Brett grew up with has stuck with him throughout his career with 157 consecutive career starts" ("The Person"). Brett has never missed a game since he turned pro-in 1991, which is an amazing record for football, and another clue to his mental and physical leadership qualities. In high school, Favre excelled at both football and baseball, and his dad was also his coach, so excellence in sports seems to run in the family. He "studied" football with his father all through school, and he managed to get a scholarship to Southern Mississippi, but they recruited him as a defensive back, but Favre wanted to be a quarterback. He lobbied hard to switch positions, and during his first summer camp, proved himself, and began his career on the team as a 7th string quarterback. He improved so much that by his freshman year, he was the quarterback for the team, and he was indicted into the Southern Miss Hall of Fame in 1997 ("The Person").

Brett initially played his first year in the NFL with the Atlanta… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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