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[. . .] S. has surpassed 1,800, seven times the number in business in 1990

Microbreweries and brewpubs account for most of this increase

Microbreweries, often brewed by regional brewers, are still the main growing market segment in the domestic U.S. beer industry

National brands have faced increasing competition from International brands in recent years

This presents both challenges and opportunities: challenges for the national brands to compete and opportunities for the import companies: the import sector has more than doubled in the last ten years

The main problem facing the U.S. brewing industry is flat domestic consumption

This is mainly due to greater alcohol awareness, slow population growth and an aging population (young adults are the largest beer consumers).

Major U.S. brewers have attempted to counter the flat domestic growth rates by developing overseas markets

This has come about through a combination of direct export shipments, licensing agreements, and foreign investment

American brewers now export their products to over 100 countries nations

Growth prospects in overseas markets for American brewing companies are very promising particularly in China and Russia

Future growth prospects in the domestic U.S. market would depend on the national economy and the avoidance of new taxes and regulations


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In beer drinking (per capita) the Germans lead the world with a per capita consumption of about 143 liters. The United States has a consumption of 87 liters per person. Source: World Drink Trends, Reproduced in Encyclopedia Britannica, 2002 (CD-ROM)

Six of the top thirteen malt beverage suppliers in the U.S. are now import companies or American affiliates of brewers based in other countries. ("State of the Industry.")

China due to its huge population and rapidly rising income levels; Russia due to their drinking habits: currently favoring Vodka but could turn to beer in future


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