Brief Organization Assessment of Good Shepherd Medical Center GSMC Research Paper

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¶ … Organization Assessment: Good Shepherd Medical Center

Agency Mission:

Good Shepherd Medical Center is a full-service healthcare facility dedicated to serving the entire community of Longview and East Texas by providing the highest quality of medical care and ancillary medical services to patients and their families. The Good Shepherd Medical Center recognizes the full spectrum of different needs represented by the cultural diversity of all stakeholders and is committed to serving all members of the community with comprehensive, high-quality, compassionate care equally.

The institution is dedicated to promoting all of its medical and ancillary services in a manner that is designed to maximize their potential benefit to all members of the community by incorporating an awareness and understanding of culturally diversity in general, as well as particularly in connection with elements of cultural diversity that contribute directly to the manner in which medical and ancillary services are perceived within different cultural perspectives. Toward that end, Good Shepherd Medical Center has embarked on a comprehensive community awareness and education campaign to ensure that all who may benefit from its varied services and programs receive the necessary information to take full advantage of the opportunities available through the institution.


The immediate goals of this project are to provide a means of creating a support group for the inpatient rehabilitation beneficiaries of the facilities and services available at the institution for patients of back surgery, stroke, traumatic brain injury, traumatic spinal cord injury, non-traumatic spinal cord injury, neurological disorders, and fractures of the lower extremities.


The objectives of this project are to outline principles and best practices necessary to effectuate the provision of comprehensive services in connection with the target patient population. Specifically, Good Shepherd Medical Center recognizes the need to incorporate both an understanding of cultural diversity as well as of particular elements of the local community that may impact the manner defining optimal service provision to the maximum benefit of all patients, their families, and the entire Longview and East Texas community.

More specifically, Good Shepherd Medical Center fully recognizes the significance and implications of the rural character, social history, ethnic, demographic, and economic elements of the local community and their potential influence on the patient population. In that regard, the institution has implemented specific strategies for addressing those issues as part of its commitment to benefit all members of the community equally.

Moreover, this approach extends far beyond simply making institutional services equally available to the entire community. Rather, it incorporates a theoretical framework and specialized methodologies designed to ensure that patients receiving medical and ancillary services at and through the institution are equally likely to receive the maximum benefit of those services despite significant differences in the factors that contribute to anticipated variation in benefit. Those differences include variables such as chronological age, predominant philosophical values, social norms and beliefs, and economic status that typically influence and shape the way that medical and ancillary medical services are perceived and received in different communities and within different cultural, ethnic, and social perspectives (Clark & Robinson, 2000; Spector, 2000).


The foundation of the methodological approach of this project is the establishment of protocols capable of ensuring the creation of support groups that are most appropriate to the specific concerns previously identified by available social research into the respective influences on treatment effectiveness with respect to particular patient populations within the context of rehabilitation services (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2004; Steefel, 2002).

In that regard, an understanding of the connection between the different needs of patients receiving different types of services precipitated by different causes and circumstances is the cornerstone of the approach exemplified by this project. In the larger sense, these strategies are merely targeted manifestations of the overall commitment of the entire Good Shepherd Medical Center to administer services holistically and in a manner conducive to the spiritual well-being of patients and their families within the context of medical and ancillary medical services provided to patients.

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