Brigade the 56Th Heavy Essay

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There are across-the-board problems with coordination that must be addressed for the BCT to successfully transition to Train / Ready.

capacity to of the units to function effectively and efficiently

Description of vision for the Brigade

I want to see the HBCT exceed it past levels of high quality leadership and functioning. The characteristic of the HBCT that I want to restore as the absolute commitment of leadership to continually improve and to build and sustain engagement of the officers and the non-commissioned officers. I believe the Battalions can be find distinction as members of the best maneuver brigade in the Forces Command, rather than seeking distinction as stand-out battalions at great cost to the Brigade. The driver of positive change for the Brigade is renewed interest in accomplishing the mission under the best possible leadership. Through the efforts of the commanders and officers, I believe that the issues that currently plague the Brigade can be ameliorated, and a path forward can be established that will circumvent the type of problems that have beset the Brigde.

Plans for measuring success to achieve that vision driver of the change is the Outline of process to solve the problem and implement the vision synthesize the organizational development processes and apply them write your response as an argumentative essay.

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write your essay in first person to take personal credit for your leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Always cite your sources using either footnotes or endnotes IAW the Turabian style (7th Edition) of documentation

What is the critical leadership problem facing the 56th HBCT Brigade Commander and how will you, as the new brigade commander, improve the organization?

Assessment Rubric

Evaluative Criteria Communications Criteria Score

90 Points

Essay on Brigade the 56Th Heavy Brigade Assignment

Apply critical-thinking skills to identify, explain, and defend the selection of the critical leadership problem. Use relevant facts and assumptions from the 56th HBCT case study to support your argument.

Describe your vision for the brigade and how you will measure effectiveness in achieving that vision.

Describe the process you will use to solve the problem and implement your vision based on the readings and lesson material from L100.

10 Points

(1) The introduction clearly states the thesis and introduces major points.

(2) Major points are fully developed using clear reasoning.

(3) The conclusion reinforces the thesis and major points.

(4) Style is concise, primarily in active voice, and generally free of errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

(5) Proper use of citations IAW ST 22-2.


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