British Petroleum Brief Summary of Marketing Issues Case Study

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British Petroleum

Brief Summary of Marketing Issues and Strategies

BP's many latent strengths, from being able to successfully explore and discover vast oil reserves to their ability to refine, sell and even speculate on other natural resources often is forgotten in light of their many ethical and environmental disasters and mistakes. During its initial founding the country was on the right track ethically, creating the first medical center in Iran to serve its pipeline workers, and many other acts of humanitarianism in the region. BP was also chosen by Winston Churchill to supply the Royal Navy with much of their fuels and oil during the second World War. As the company expanded into the Forties Field of Scotland, to Alaska, Algiers and throughout the Middle East, its lapses in ethics, exacerbated by nationalization of oil reserves in Middle East nations, led to an ethical meltdown. Bad decisions became commonplace. The Alaskan oil field disasters led to a total of over $500M in fines, and the residual effects in the environment still aren't cleaned up. The company is most known for the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, where the $50M fine for violating the Clean Air Act was miniscule compared to the billions of dollars required to clean up the massive spill throughout the region. BP has a reputation for disregarding the needs and requirements of the shareholders while flaunting the rules they define in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives as well.

SWOT Analysis

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Excellent project management control and the ability to bring complex engineering tasks in under budget and on time

TOPIC: Case Study on British Petroleum Brief Summary of Marketing Issues Assignment

Excellent cost controls over complex engineering, exploration and drilling operations in the world's most remote countries. This is seen in the discovery of the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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