Term Paper: Brownfield Land, it Is Vitally Important

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¶ … brownfield land, it is vitally important to consult the necessary experts in order to determine the profitability of buying such land for new housing developments. As an adviser to the buyer then, I would consider the current status of the land, the extent of clean-up that is necessary, and also the possible safety hazards as a result of still existing contaminants.

My first recommendation would then be to consult environmental investigation agencies to determine the extent of contaminants still present on the site. As the adjacent site previously held factory premises, it is likely that contaminants may still be present in the environment. The new housing close to the premises however also suggests that such contaminants may be minimal, or indeed sufficiently absent to proceed with building.

In addition to contaminants, building materials from the adjacent housing and buildings previously existing on the site may also be present. These would have to be investigated to determine its usability or its need to be disposed of.

Prior to buying the land then, I would recommend assessing the cost of removing both hazardous and non-hazardous but unwanted waste from the premises. If such costs are too high, it may be wiser to search for development land elsewhere. However, the nearby housing suggests that this may not be the case, and I do recommend that such a survey be carried out thoroughly before making a decision.

The safety of construction workers as well as future inhabitants of the project will also have to be taken into consideration, as this could prove expensive in terms of possible legal liability. The land should then be examined in terms not only of hazardous waste, but also in terms of stability. Undetected hazardous chemicals could for example have fatal consequences when explosives are used for excavation purposes. Furthermore the cost of safety measures and training should also be taken into consideration. If construction workers need to take special measures in terms of clothing, equipment, or training in order to ensure… [END OF PREVIEW]

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