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Browse the PA state standards and select the standards on which you would like to base your unit. In a separate document, write two to three paragraphs explaining how your unit of instruction supports local guidelines and student academic content standards. Remember to submit this with your task.


Construct figures incorporating perpendicular and parallel lines, the perpendicular bisector of a line segment and an angle bisector using computer software.

Draw, label, measure and list the properties of complementary, supplementary and vertical angles.

Classify familiar polygons as regular or irregular up to a decagon.

Identify, name, draw and list all properties of squares, cubes, pyramids, parallelograms, quadrilaterals, trapezoids, polygons, rectangles, rhombi, circles, spheres, triangles, prisms and cylinders.

Construct parallel lines, draw a transversal and measure and compare angles formed (e.g., alternate interior and exterior angles).

The standard that I wish to base my unit is on the standards that apply for geometry for grade 8 mathematics. Geometry is one of the most crucial components for the 8th grade level because it supports understanding of higher mathematics at the high school level. Not only is it a very basic component of understanding calculus and linear algebra, but it is the fundamental basis for most science and computer technology classes as well.

The unit that I will create focuses on exploring the properties of the polygon. The polygon has many unique properties and it is a very important unit because it shows students that the squares, rectangles and even circles that they are so familiar with fits within the framework of a greater geometrical understanding, polygons. This essentially ties together all of the random "shapes" that they have had to master into a unified rule for application. According to Pennsylvania standards students need to be able to perform five different functions for polygons, they have to be able to classify polygons as regular or irregular up to the decagon. Identify, name and draw the properties of many different polygons. The unit that I will construct focuses on teaching students the tools necessary for constructing and understanding the properties of polygons. It shows the universality of these shapes and how they can be constructed in accordance with their specific characteristics. My focus will be on understanding the "universal" application of polygons and then applying them to specific shapes so that students do not engage in "memorization" so much as understanding of the root concept of polygons.

My unit fits specifically into the purpose of the PA standards for 8th grade math, and specifically attacks the need for students to have strong geometry experience going into high school. Therefore this unit is critical for the success of students in general and especially when focusing in core understanding.

B. Write four instructional goals for your unit (two for each lesson plan). Enter the goals in the Objectives field in the Unit and Lesson Builder templates.

Unit: Understanding the properties of a polygon (Geometry)

Lesson Plans:

Focus on polygons


Understand what makes an object a polygon

Actual definition of polygon

Identify different polygons by name

Understand formula for basic polygon for parameter and area (rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, etc.)

How to construct a polygon make a rectangle make a polygon of more than 6 points measurement of circumference and area in construction

Understanding Squares


Understand special properties of squares

Define square in context of polygon

Understand the equal properties of squares

Being able to construct a square

Understand calculating properties of a square calculate area of square using "square rule" calculate parameter of square (width x 4) calculate diagonal of square (pythagoran equation)

C. Write twelve measurable objectives (three for each goal). Enter the objectives in the Objectives field in the Unit and Lesson Builder templates.

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