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Architecturally, the church of San Lorenzo is square in plan and forms a perfect cube in volume, covered by a Classical hemispherical dome supported by ribs, much like some earlier Gothic cathedrals which pre-dated Brunelleschi by two hundred years.

Brunelleschi's design and construction of the church at San Lorenzo became a motivating force for the re-design of the entire church along Renaissance lines instead of traditional Gothic influences. In addition, Brunelleschi's plan for the church was the forerunner for all future systems that came about in the late Renaissance and later Baroque buildings. According to Leon Battista Alberti (1407-1472), one of Brunelleschi's imitators, "the genius and creative energy required to achieve new social and intellectual status was no better represented by Brunelleschi whose San Lorenzo reflects the mind of a brilliant Renaissance man, his universal interests and love for beauty" (Hyman 245).

The church at San Lorenzo exemplifies the ultimate mastery of architecture during the Renaissance Era and as a truly iconographic structure, it reflects the religiosity of the period through its advanced use of the Gothic style. As Cosimo De Medici allegedly once said, the church of San Lorenzo and all similar buildings "not only honor God but likewise honor the architect and even those that enter the holy places of the church, for they are closer to the creator and to eternity" (Fanelli 312).


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Term Paper on Brunelleschi -- San Lorenzo Filippo Assignment

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