Bsba Integrative Project Integration Construct Essay

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However, in recent years Starbucks fortunes have been very much 'up and down,' depending on the economy. It was also necessary for Starbucks to retrain its workers to serve its coffee, given numerous complaints about the (relatively) pricey coffee's quality. Starbucks has had to reign in its domestic growth, given its too-rapid expansion in recent years, which has drawn the ire of some communities and consumers and resulted in criticism of its coffee. Starbucks is instead focusing on expanding internationally, where its market is less super-saturated and there is more room for growth. Abroad, Starbucks' American status is often a popular draw for patrons.

Identify any objectives, which do not serve to support the strategic goals, and recommend either that they be eliminated or that an additional strategic goal be added. Support your recommendation.

Objective 1: To strengthen support for advocacy groups of Starbucks units by 20% within the next 12 months

Objective 2: revamp the company's commitment to ensuring unique customer experience and ensure that customer satisfaction has increased by 50% within two years.

Objective 3: to organize educational programs for Starbuck's new employees and in the next one year, there should be 25% improvements in handling customers.

Briefly summarize the strategic action plan(s) implied by your causal chain(s). Who would need to do what, in what sequence?Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Essay on Bsba Integrative Project Integration Construct Assignment

Starbucks intends to introduce outreach programs based on two-way communication with advocacy groups. Educating the public on the company's new family programs will involve both informal and formal communication methods. This strategy will ensure that the company communicates to the target audience so that it can pass the right message to the right recipient. The company will prepare and implement these programs in the second quarter of the year. During the first implementation period, a new family friendly environment will be created within the stores. This strategy will be a real experiment that Starbucks is committed to providing customers with space for friends and families to socialize through congregation (Heaton, Sturman & Ford, 2011).

Starbucks will align their leading principle of ensuring that customers are enthusiastically satisfied every time. This will be achieved through the implementation of friendly family programs. This approach will assist in reinforcing relationships between the company and their customers. Further, it will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that motivates parents to bring along their family members and friends so that they can socialize. This strategy will be effective in boosting customer traffic even in slow periods. The company will prepare these programs in every quarter of the year (Jones & Hill, 2007).

Starbuck's employees will learn about the new family friendly programs through varying communication channels. The company will organize formal communication methods like educational tools, executive memos, and training seminars, which will be strategic and crucial to the process of inter-communication. This employee related initiatives would be designed and implemented in the second quarter of the year (Heaton, Sturman, & Ford, 2011).

Finally, offer a concise summary of your overall experience trying to apply the balanced scorecard approach to your organization

Starbucks will conduct evaluations and measure success concerning internal rubrics. Employee satisfaction and knowledge will be evaluated to measure the performance of the strategies. First, after implementing the strategies, the company will conduct tests and surveys and compare them. Later, answers will be gauged and coded to establish decreases and increases in levels of employee satisfaction within the new working environment and new training. This will involve internal testing and surveys after and before the new procedures and protocols are in place. In addition, surveys based on closed questionnaire whereby employees will anonymously grade their level of satisfaction and happiness with the overall company and new work atmosphere (Heaton, Sturman & Ford, 2011).


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