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Environment Sustainability (Greenhouse Gas Management)

What is Environment Sustainability?

Our perspective

Challenge of Climate Change

Natural Causes of Climate Change

Nitrous Oxide No Laughing Matter

Social Sustainability (Supply Chain Management)

What is Social Sustainability?

Economic Sustainability

What is Economic Sustainability?

Greenhouse Gas Management

Social Sustainability (Supply Chain Management)

Economic Sustainability

Managing Sustainability: BT Group in UK

This is a report on a managing sustainability consultancy for the BT. BT is considered to be one of the world's leading communications services companies that have been able to serve the needs of customers that are located in the UK and in beyond 170 nation's countries all over the world. BT Group PLC is a UK-based telecommunications organization company that functions in over 50 nations and gives out products and services in 170 nations (BT, 2014). The main of its commerce is in the establishment of communications substructure and services, as well as telephone lines, calls, broadband, mobile and TV products and services in addition to managed networked it services.

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In the interior of the UK, BT is known as being a leading wage-earner of communications services and products to people, small and medium-sized businesses and the public sector and BT's Open reach is complicated with the UK Government's planned roll-out of super-fast broadband. BT Global Services also provides managed organized it services to multinational companies, businesses and government establishments.

Essay on Bt Group in UK Assignment

BT has been able to attract a lot of praise when it comes to the placing of sustainability which is located at the heart of its business model. The company believes that by doing so it will be better capable of giving long-term success for its shareholders in a changing world. BT at present expends 0.7% of the UK's electricity and is considered to be one of the top ten users in the UK, nonetheless ever since 2004, all of this electricity has come from sources that are known to be renewable.

The group is specifically committed to contributing definitely to society, the economy and the environment by means of its operations, its workers and its facilities, and is reliably awarded gold subdivision rank in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Likewise the group's global climate strategy consist of decreasing the impact of the group's operations, bring power to its customers to lessen their influences by proposing innovative services and products, persuading suppliers to make available more energy efficient services and products heartening workers to decrease their carbon footmark at home and at work. BT has decreased its carbon footmark in the UK by 77% ever since 1996. It is now dedicated to attaining an 80% decrease in CO2 concentration in its universal industry by 2020.

Environment Sustainability (Greenhouse Gas Management)

What is Environment Sustainability?

Sustainability is the capability to uphold a certain status or process in existing systems. The most common use of the term "sustainability" is associated to biological or human systems in the background of ecology. The capability of an ecosystem to perform and uphold productivity for an extended period is likewise sustainability.

This important response of U.K businesses to calls for voluntary action shows that they look at global climate change as an issue that is important. It is clear that Companies are taking the right steps in order to identify not just the risks and challenges connected with the developing climate change arena, nevertheless likewise the business occasions that could be established. To even have this done, however, companies such as the BT will first have to get some kind of an understanding of the extent and nature of their GHG emissions. In that respect, every one of the voluntary action programs will need to benefit from the present work in progress in the Department of Energy to deliver improved strategies for reporting GHG emissions and decreases under the 1605b program. It is significant that changes to the 1605b program are reliable with accounting and covering principles that are reinforced by U.K industry, and to the degree possible, harmonized with global accounting and reporting procedures.

To some degree, greenhouse gas reductions through voluntary actions have been reserved by definite regulatory weaknesses. That is environmental principles can be a deterrent for businesses to take actions to confiscate or regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Also, two examples are mentioned in this report: retrieval requirements that constrain more industrious forestation practices on mined lands, and the application of New Source Review events that dishearten power plant operators from making efficiency developments. The quantity of greenhouse gases (GHGs) being freed into the atmosphere as a result of human activities is cause for unease as indication of major climate change are starting to come forward.

Graph 1 climate change and agriculture in UK

The danger lies in the rapid increase of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are intensifying this natural greenhouse effect. For instance, for thousands of years, the global carbon supply was fundamentally stable as natural processes removed as much carbon as they are being released. When it comes to things for instance such as modern human activity -- burning fossil fuels, deforestation, intensive agriculture in large amounts of enormous quantities of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases can be dangerous (Proctor, 2013). This guidance gives out advice on how to do this founded on a step-by-step method. At the center are further issues that contribute to the problem:-

Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are of primary concern because they are closely associated to human activities.

Carbon dioxide is the main contributor to climate change, particularly through the burning of fossil fuels.

Methane is a problem produced naturally when vegetation is burned, without the presence of oxygen. Great amounts of methane are released by cattle farming, waste dumps, rice farming and the production of gas and oil.

Nitrous oxide, discharged by chemical fertilizers and burning fossil fuels, has a global warming potential 310 times that of carbon dioxide which is a big issue.

BT perspective

Climate change is hastening and the effects are being sensed all over the world. It has an important influence on our industry. The sourcing of our agricultural will be affected by the various changes in weather patterns; our industry and our customers will be affected by upturns in energy and food costs and great weather events will move communities (Jacky, 2014).

Graph 2 Greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation Nuclear energy is a vital component of a clean energy strategy.

If greenhouse gases carry on to increase, climate models forecast that the average temperature at the Earth's surface is going to increase from 3.2 to 7.2°F above 1990 levels by the time this century is over.

Scientists are sure that human actions are changing the arrangement of the atmosphere and that increasing the attentiveness of greenhouse gases will change the planet's climate. Nonetheless they are not sure by how much it will change, at what rate it will alter, or what the exact effects will be (MacGillivray, 2011).

Figure 1 Selected Policies, Measures, and Instruments Used by Various Nations to Reduce Emissions and Address Climate Change

Challenge of Climate Change

Unimpeded carbon pollution leads to long-permanent changes in our climate, for instance:

Increasing global high temperature

Sea level Rising

Changes in precipitation patterns and weather

Changes in the ecosystems, habitations and species diversity

These changes threaten health and welfare for present and future generations. Public health risks include the following:

More drought and heat waves

Worsening smog (likewise called ground-level ozone contamination)

Growing the intensity of extreme events, like hurricanes, great precipitation and flooding

Snowballing the range of ticks and mosquitoes, which can spread disease for instance West Nile virus.

Our most vulnerable citizens, as well as children, older adults, people with heart or lung disease and people living in poverty may be most at risk from the health influences of climate change.

Graph 3 Britain's households are still responsible for almost the same level of greenhouse gas emissions as they were 20 years ago

There is considered to be increasing evidence that previous and fast reductions that are in GHG emissions are essential in order to stay away from the vital impacts of climate change. What is more, the Stern account on the Economics of Climate Change delivered indication that, "the profits of strong and early action far overshadow the financial prices of not acting." (Giner, 2013, p. 8) Inside the UK, business creates a significant amount of the UK's GHG emissions and so has what is considered to be a direct effect over the way these gases are being handled (Rohrbein, 2012).

Natural Causes of Climate Change

Natural causes are a problem that is not helping the greenhouse management. For instance volcanoes have been an issue with messing with greenhouse effect. BT Group in UK understand that when a volcano goes into the eruption stage, it throws out large capacities of water vapor, sulphur dioxide (SO2), dust, and ash right into the atmosphere (Pincott, 2012).

Gases and ash are recognized as a problem because they influence the climatic patterns for years by raising planetary… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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