Budgetary Checklist: Rutgers University Project Enrollment, Tuition Thesis

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Budgetary Checklist: Rutgers University

Project enrollment, tuition, and likely financial aid needs

The economic crisis may result in higher rates of students accepting offers of admission, as students who would ordinarily attend a private institution may now seek out a scholarship at a public institution such as Rutgers. While increased enrollment will result in increased tuition if the university expands its capacity, increased enrollment will also mean increased costs. Many new and current students may need or desire financial aid or scholarships, more so than in previous years. Financially strapped students from outside the state who are shopping around for the best college prices will require housing, as they cannot commute to school like many Rutgers students have done in the past. Rates of increased enrollment cannot be predicted definitively, given the unique nature of the current crisis. But reviewing past recessionary years may provide some guidance as to the possibility of precipitous spikes in enrollment, so the university can plan accordingly how much tuition it will receive, financial aid needs, and likely capacity-related student costs such as housing.

Salaries and wages

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This is one of the largest parts of any university budget. Rutgers may need to hire more adjunct faculty and part-time instructors, given that these teachers are not eligible for benefits and receive lower salaries than PhDs. Some administrative jobs may need to be consolidated -- additionally, allowing work-study students to assume some responsibilities originally covered by full-time administrative assistants will help students who are cash-strapped, and allow the university to pay a relatively lower salary for these positions. Conducting a human resources 'audit' of the organization is essential.

State appropriations

Thesis on Budgetary Checklist: Rutgers University Project Enrollment, Tuition, Assignment

While New Jersey recently received a windfall of revenue from a state tax amnesty program, designed to encourage individuals who owed 'back taxes' to pay what they owed at a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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