Budgetary Control Budgets Essay

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For so many organizations, the prospect of operating without a budget is as far from reality as anything could possibly be, and it is because of this fact that nearly every company or organization in existence operates under some sort of budget and control method. However, despite the wide use of budgets within organizational set-up and day-to-day procedures, a budget holds the capacity to be disadvantageous if handled incorrectly in certain cases. For example, a budget promotes manager's gamesmanship, a budget may reward managers who set modest goals and penalize those who set ambitious goals that are missed (Accounting Financial, 2012, pp.1). Further, with poor management, there is a possibility that the budgeting process may be filled with judgment and subjectivity, as budgets to not necessarily consider employee work quality or customer service. In this case, budgets have the capacity to spark departmental conflict that arises due to poor or misguided resource allocation.

While limitations such as these continue to exist within certain organizations, the key to eliminating these limitations in favor of reaping only advantageous results from budgeting comes from the use of the aforementioned key factors to successful budgets, all of with begins with solid managerial foundations.


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Essay on Budgetary Control Budgets and Budgetary Assignment

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