Budgeting a School Essay

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Budgeting a School

School Budget table

Maintenance and Operations Budget

Soft Capital Budget


Estimated Percent of the Budget


Estimated Percent of the Budget


Athletic Equipment

Administrative Salaries

Text Book Adoptions

Support Staff Salaries

Technology Equipment

Core Teacher Salaries

Furniture and Desks

Elective Teacher Salaries

Instructional Equipment

PE Equipment

Extra Duty Stipends

Athletic Coaches Stipends

Instructional Supplies

Consumable Supplies

Professional Development

Purchased Services

Athletic Dues and Fees

The above cuts in are in line with the reductions from the school district. The revenue the school receives is divided between a combination of local, state and federal funding. The state provides greatest levels of assistance. While local taxes and federal support, make up for the rest (with the federal government paying the lowest amount). ("Trenton Public Schools," 2013)

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All three are providing assistance in the following areas to include: maintenance / budget operations allocation, the capital budget and soft capital budget allocations. On the local level, funding is taking place through bonds, extracurricular activities, tax credits, and other sources. The state is providing support through: grants, title funding and tax credits. Federal assistance is provided from: grants and title 1 funding. ("Trenton Public Schools," 2013)

Essay on Budgeting a School Assignment

The sources of each revenue stream are funded by the state on per student basis. This occurs, with the state providing assistance in: general formula assistance, special education programs and grants. Locally, the school receives support from property taxes, private donations, tuition / transportation fees, school lunches, district activity receipts, rents / royalties and interest. Property taxes are based upon a mill levy that is used to determine how much local property owners are paying. The fees are collected by the school throughout the course of the year. The federal government is providing assistance in the areas of: child nutrition, safe / drug free schools and title 1. These programs are from a grant that is provided to the school district. ("Trenton Public Schools," 2013)

All three areas are used in conjunction with each other to support the maintenance / capital budget and the soft budget. The maintenance and capital budget is used to pay for salaries, consumable supplies, purchased services and athletic programs. The soft capital budget is utilized to cover materials the school will need throughout the year. These include: athletic equipment, technology, books / supplies, furniture / desks and instructional / PE equipment. The primary limitations are that they must be used to help support the school (in areas such as: supplies and materials). While the maintenance and capital budget must pay for the larger expenses of the school (i.e. salaries). ("Trenton Public Schools," 2013)

The areas that will fall under the priority one category for cuts include: salaries / stipends, professional development, purchased services and athletic dues / fees. Those areas that will be a part of priority two are: instructional / consumable supplies, furniture / desks, PE equipment and athletic equipment. Priority three areas include: technology equipment, textbook adaptions and instructional equipment. ("Trenton Public Schools," 2013)

Part 2 Justification

The above information is highlighting the different areas where the proposed cuts will occur. At the same time, it is identifying the major sources of revenues for the school. This helps to determine how these transitions can take place and possible ways to account for the shortfalls.

Identify those in the school who might be included in and excluded from the budgetary decision making process. These persons would comprise a stakeholder team. Provide a rationale as to why you included / excluded each

The people who will be included in the budgetary process are administrators, parents, students and teachers. Those who are excluded would be: special interests and anyone who does not have children attending the school. The administrators were selected because they can provide insights about where cuts are needed and offer leadership. Parents are a part of the process, as their children and families… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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