Building a Computer Research Paper

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Building a Computer

Minimum Configuration for Essential Requirements


Minimum Configuration

The minimal configuration that is needed for creating presentations, preparing documents, playing multimedia games, listening to music and viewing movies, storing movies online and chatting with friends is described in this module. This configuration will also support Internet browsing both through dial-up and also through a broadband connection as well. With these goals in mind, the following desktop computer configuration is recommended.

The basis of this configuration is an Intel small form factor motherboard specifically designed to support the Intel Core i3-550 3.2GHxz microprocessor. This motherboard, designed and sold by Intel, is also capable of supporting dual-core processing, has been verified as being 64-bit compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, and has the Intel H57 Express chipset integrated on the motherboard as a hardwired, not pluggable, component. This motherboard also supports L3 cache, which is 4MB in size. The systems supports up to 8GB in RAM, uses DDR3 SDRAM configurations and has a dual channel memory architecture to increase performance at the low price point of this specific configuration.

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The storage control is also down on the motherboard and includes a Type 1 x Serial ATA integrated interface. Studies on Intel ATA integrated interfaces indicate that overall dual core processor performance is enhanced by having the ATA controller wired into the motherboard itself (Peng, Peir, Prakash, Staelin, Chend, Koppelman, 2008) (CRN, 2007). ATA controllers are designed to optimize data throughput rates from inexpensive disk drives that have the standardized ATA interface on them. There is also a caching controller on the motherboard for video and graphics-intensive calculations as well. Intel designed this specific motherboard with the HD Graphics Dynamic Video Memory Technology, Version 5.0 and support for the High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). In addition, there is support for 5.1 channel surround sound and extensive support for network connectivity as well.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Building a Computer Assignment

In terms of Internet connectivity, this system has a network adapter integrated directly into the motherboard, in addition to supporting the following types of data link protocols: IEEE 802.11b, n, and g with support for Gigabit Ethernet options on these IEEE protocols (Wong, 2007). The evaluation of IEEE standards performance assumes the majority of networks will also be running the TCP/IP protocol (Luecke, Li, Cuma, 2007). This low-end system also supports expansion slots including 1 free PCI Express Interface, and the standards interfaces for keyboard, mouse, display, audio and power. The software included with the system includes Windows 7 Home Premium, Microsoft Office 2010 started and Norton Internet Utility. The cost structure of these components is provided in the following section of the memo in Table 1, Minimum Configuration Pricing Analysis. This configuration will be capable of supporting the basic functions of creating presentations, playing multimedia games, listening to music and viewing movies, storing photographs and using the Internet via the Ethernet connections included in the baseline unit.

Table 1: Minimum Configuration Pricing Analysis



Intel Core i3-550 core processor


Motherboard supporting Intel Core i3-550 processor and Intel H57 Express Chipset


Type 1 Serial ATA Controller

Chipset included on motherboard

640 GB Serial ATA Hard Drive


DVD/RW Drive


Intel HD Graphics Dynamic Video Memory Technology supporting HDMI

Chipset included on motherboard

Networking adapter

Chipset included on motherboard

Windows 7 Home Premium


Microsoft Office 2010


Slimline case


Keyboard and mouse




Module 2: Recommended Configuration for Additional Requirements

To: Purchasing

Subject: Recommended Configuration for Additional Requirements

The following memo provides a recommendation of a system configuration that will provide me with the following key benefits. These include not having cables cluttering my desk, having a monitor that produces high-quality images and not cause eye strain, speakers that produce stereo sound for better audio quality and a keyboard and mouse that are easy to work with. This system will also support superior quality of sound playback from audio clips and computer games, and will have expansion slots in the event additional peripherals or devices are going to be added later on. This system also provides for quick upgrades of memory and disk storage, ensuring its long-term… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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