Building Partnership Capacity and Logistics Essay

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Building Partnership Capacity and Logistics

How logistics build partnership capacity

Programs of Building Partner Capacity (BPC) consist of programs for security and cooperation assistance financed by the U.S. government. These are administered as appropriations and steward cases under the Defense Security Cooperation Agency infrastructure. The programs may assist in providing articles of defense or offer service to the departments of the United States Government. The programs are relevant in the sense that they enable the agency to provide logistics solutions to allied countries. Moreover, the Defense Contract Management Agency accepts FMS cases as requirements like U.S. military demands. These programs are a major source of defense services and articles to government agencies and departments under the influence of the Economy Act (Parry & Graves, 2008). This is based on the primary purpose of partner capacity building of the nation's security forces. Further, it increases the nation's capability of countering drugs, conducting counter terrorism, operations of counterinsurgency and stability of multilateral peace programs.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Building Partnership Capacity and Logistics Assignment

US government can aid other countries, which have the same interest and can aid these countries with U.S. funds (FMF), like in Egypt and Israel. This is achieved through the defense department and other agencies of the United States government who use these significant tools in furthering the objectives of the national security of the United States, as well as neighboring nations. To allow the execution of the BPC programs through the existing systems of automated security assistance. The implementing agency of the DoD establishes a letter of pseudo for Acceptance and Offer in the management systems of the defense security assistance. The letter of pseudo did not have a sign of the partner nation that was to enjoy the services or articles ultimately, but it functions to file service and article transfer to the government of the United States requesting authority (Zanjirani, Asgari & Davarzani, 2009).

Building partnership capacity is traced from the common phrase, 'develop capabilities of allied and friendly military'. This security cooperation of the United States is not something new. The military of the United States performed a series of similar activities in the 18th century in Asia, Central America, and Caribbean albeit but not as clearly defined then as is now. Considerations of logistics of building partner nation are supposed to be a significant issue as the United States struggles to establish capacity building in the entire globe. Logistics capacity is very important for any state seeking to intensify the bond of its national defense; logistics usually develop the boundaries of the military activities that can be performed. The security forces commission appointed congressionally in Iraq depicted a clear link between the capability of military and logistics capacity in the congressional report in 2007 (Zanjirani, Asgari & Davarzani, 2009).

Nowadays, the threats that U.S. are facing are no longer as a traditional war, now we need to learn how to fight in "Irregular Warfare" and support the Logistics Cycle of our allied countries so that they help us to make our territory more secure. The leadership of the U.S. military should look upon logistics for their success. Logistics is described as executing and planning the support and movement of the military forces. The main functions of logistics are support… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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