Bush Justified to Invade Iraq Term Paper

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All such agents would have deteriorated to the point of uselessness years ago (Glen and Raymond, 2004)."

As mentioned above, the Bush Administration had emphasized that Saddam had launch capabilities and that he also possessed approximately 20 missiles which may transmit chemical and biological warheads and threaten major parts of Europe, including Britain and Cyprus. Glen and Raymond (2004) assert, "Apart from the fact that there has been no sign of these missiles since the invasion, Britain downplayed the risk of there being any such weapons in Iraq once the fighting began. It was also revealed that chemical protection equipment was removed from British bases in Cyprus last year, indicating that the Government did not take its own claims seriously (Glen and Raymond, 2004)."

The aforementioned facts clearly illustrate the Bush and Blair Administration had no justification to attack Iraq. They lied not only to their own people but also to the international community. They have put the lives of millions at risk, these include the American troops and the troops of the international coalition in Iraq and more importantly the lives of the Iraqi people as insurgency is on the rise and rebellious groups are mushrooming in every nook and corner of Iraq. It is apparent that the consequences of the war will be long ranging and far reaching then expected by the Bush and Blair Administration.


Collection of Data

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The tactic involved in this process has been that of a collection of the largest possible number of existing information related to the justifications given by the Bush Administration to invade Iraq from articles published in various scientific journals and magazines by individual researchers, as well as, research institutions has been compiled.

Data analysis and Search tactics

Term Paper on Bush Justified to Invade Iraq Assignment

The data analysis and search tactic depended on manifold means so as to guarantee the most advantageous totality of facts and statistics available. At the outset a comprehensive literature exploration had been performed by means of internet, as well as, university and public library. In this manner the bulk of published information relating to the justifications given by the Bush Administration to invade Iraq had been distinguished and compiled.

The analytical strategy employed in this paper has firstly identified the reasons given by the Bush Administration to invade Iraq and evaluated it with the data and statistics available from independent sources. Appropriate statistics, facts and information have been given to prove not only the seriousness of the situation but also the validity of the arguments. Also, a brief overview is given of the present situation and the future obligations of America in Iraq so that future opportunities and threats for the international environment and America can be confiscated.


This study has concentrated on an incident that is an extremely wide-ranging and a major one, i.e. The Iraq war. Undoubtedly, this corresponds to a demanding task for research irrespective of the more particular interests that the study might contain. In this study, this widespread and compound incident has been studied from a quite restricted viewpoint, which has been the justification given by the Bush Administration to invade Iraq. An additional limitation of this study is the viewpoint assumed. Rather than attempting to comprehend the historical, economic, political and regional perspective, this study has been primarily restricted to the justification of the war waged in Iraq.


The war waged against Iraq is not only immoral but also unjustified. The evidence given by the Bush and Blair administration had been distorted, misused and manufactured. It is apparent and straight forward that one of the motives for the invasion of Iraq had been the controlling of oil in Iraq and in so doing controlling the political monopoly of the Gulf States. However, at the present, in the post-war era, it is very important that United States and its associates collaborate and team up to stabilize and secure Iraq, in view of the fact that a free, secure, stable and autonomous Iraq is of great essence not only in the interest of United States of America but also very important for the security, freedom, peace, growth and development of the rest of the world.

The construction of the American image in post-Iraq- war state-of-affairs is extremely critical for the reason that their image will either end up persuading or disheartening the Muslims to assume terrorism as a profession. As observed by Diaa Rashwan (2003) "The manner in which Washington announced its war, which seems very much like a war on Islam or the Islamic world, and its accompaniment by the campaign on Iraq and the dangerous escalation of Israeli army attacks on Palestinians, has incited a number of these Islamist groups and individuals in various areas of the world against U.S. policy (Diaa Rashwan, 2003)."

One can only anticipate and expect that the elections held in Iraq are not the end but the beginning of a new age of growth and development, where aspirations and opportunities for an enhanced and healthier life for the Iraqi people can be made real and they can grow and develop as a progressive, secure and stable community in a free and democratic Iraq.


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