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In relation to American business culture, the hierarchical chain of command surpasses individual relationships (Ball, Et al. 132- 146).

Furthermore, individual competence, professionalism, and responsibility for personal performance are significant in American business culture. For this reason, subordinate seek help from managers incase of complex cases. These are concepts that also contribute to extremely work ethic often faced in America. As opposed to some Asian countries, America is reluctant in supporting the development of personal relationships within business culture. In America, the general goal of business is to preserve a quality deal, thus, developing company relationships are of significant value. Americans are very clear in making distinctions between the workmates and friends in their daily life. In America, business meetings remain formal and minimum time is for nurturing social relationships (Law 145- 9).

Greetings / handshake

It is customary in America that meetings starts and ends with a concise and firm handshake. In addition, business people should maintain direct eye contact during the greetings or handshake in order to portray an aspect of sincerity, interest and confidence. In addition, the exchange of business cards is a normal affair in America and this does not require any rules or rituals in the course of the exchange. Business cards in American business environment are a resource for future information. This process of exchange takes place mostly during introductions or at the end of business deals (Ball, Et al. 132- 146).

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In the process of making business negotiations, it is imperative to note that the main agenda of most business discussions is entering into a contractual agreement. Negotiations serve as moments of solving business problems based on shared benefits and individual strengths. For that reason, emphasis should focus on the financial position and power. Further, those conducting business in U.S. should also understand the significance of the set business rules and guidelines (Ball, Et al. 132- 146)

Term Paper on Business America Is a Nation Assignment

Finally, Hofstede dimensions play a significant role for most of the American businesses. The first dimensions that business persons should embrace is the Distance Power Index (DPI) dimension. This is relative to individual equality between groups of other persons. The second dimension covers the aspects of Individualism (IDV). Indication of high scores portrays a powerful sense of individual independence and accountability. The next Hofstede's cultural dimension is the Masculinity (MAS). This dimension covers two significant aspects. One of the aspects is gender sensitivity. According to this dimension, the values of women remain similar in all areas. Women are capable of conducting business like men and they should have equal opportunity (Ball, Et al. 132- 146).

On the other hand, this dimension demonstrated that the values of men vary. This is because men are assertive and portray competitive qualities. In this case, the dimension that constitutes the world averages is 50. This average is similar to Canada's world average. This clearly indicates that there exists comparative balance between female male qualities in this country. China reports 66, Australia (61), and USA (62). The fourth and dimension is the measure on Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI). This illustrates the country's acceptance of ambiguity vs. their general requirement for planning and structure. The world average here is 64 (Law 145- 9).

Finally, Gerrt Hofstede's final cultural dimension examines the preference of every country in terms of long and short-term objectives. This is the Long-Term Orientation (LTO) and Hofstede failed to deduce it his earlier studies.


Most business dealing in export business deals find America market an excellent opportunity for both learning and conducting business. As much as business partners share similar language, that is English language, and similar culture conducting business in American market is easier for some organizations that accept to embrace America business customs and cultures (Ball, Et al. 132- 146).

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