Business Approaches, Management, Marketing Eastman Essay

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This makes unions and their members less independent. The actions of these political groups are reflected on union members.

The hospital's nurses might not be interested in joining such a situation. It is important that the hospital's management uses this argument when deciding to not support the nurses' decision on joining the union. This can be a strong argument that the nurses have not yet considered.

The union provides numerous benefits to nurses. In order to not join the union, nurses need to be presented by the hospital's management a strong strategy that reveals the management understands them and their needs, and is willing to communicate into trying to satisfy these needs. In other words, the hospital's management's job is to determine nurses to think that they benefit fmore from the situation by remaining union free. They must provide the nurses some benefits in order for them to see that they can have these benefits even if they do not join the union.

The keyword in developing this strategy is represented by communication. In order to convince them into remaining union free, managers must improve their communication skills. They must show nurses their importance for the hospital, and they must make nurses see the m management understands them.


In order to remain union free, the hospital's management must come up with some arguments for this. It is important to discuss salary increases. These increases are not necessary to be significant, because the hospital's budget does not allow it, but it shows the management's flexibility and interest in solving nurses' problems.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Business Approaches, Management, Marketing Eastman Assignment

The benefits that the hospital provides its nurses represent another strong point that must be addressed by management in its attempt to determine nurses to not join the union. These benefits refer to medical services that the hospital can provide for its nurses at smaller or not costs. These services can be performed on an annual basis. In addition to this, it is important that some of these services apply to nurses' family members. This would reveal the fact that the hospital's management is interested in the family life of nurses and their well being, and that nurses are not simple employees. It makes them feel that they matter to the hospital. It helps them understand that they are important to the hospital, and not just their work is important.

When determining individuals to make a decision, it is important to work with them on a psychological basis also. This means that there are certain mental patterns that help people make decisions. These patterns must be stimulated in order o determine them into making the right decision. In this case, when making the decision on joining the union or not, some of these nurses focus on the benefits provided by joining the union, while others focus on the disadvantages of joining the union.

The most important disadvantages of joining the union are represented by political influence, and by issues determined by seniority. These are important factors that can help nurses into choosing to not joining the union. If the hospital's management focuses on these arguments, the success chances increase significantly. This is because people are usually afraid of political influence. They know they have little to do when such an influence affects them. Therefore, nurses might not enjoy being attracted into political interests that the union must satisfy. In addition to this, nurses are likely to not agree with benefits for them established in accordance with their seniority. They are aware of the fact that if they do a good job on a consistent basis they gain certain benefits. But if they are awarded such benefits based on their seniority, it can affect their work. It is important to establish a benefits strategy that helps increase productivity.

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