Business Case Kalinsky Was Correct in Firing Research Proposal

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Business Case

Kalinsky was correct in firing his former brother-in-law. There are two main reasons why this move was necessary. The first is that the younger Kenworthy was unwilling to be a contributor to the team. His leadership skills were poor. His public criticism of Kalinsky illustrated his lack of suitability for such an important role. More importantly, he had not only become a liability to the business but clearly was unwilling to admit his failings. He lost the Capital One account, and it was only through good fortune that Empyrean was given a chance to salvage the account. As this account is worth 40% of Empyrean's business, not only could the company not survive without the account, but that account needs to be the hands of the company's best manager. Clearly, Kenworthy was not this person. Moreover, the lack of maturity he demonstrated indicated that he would be unwilling to accept a demotion away from that account.

There are five main conflict management styles: forcing, accommodating, avoiding, compromising, and collaborating (Williams, n.d). Kalinsky demonstrated many of these in this case. He avoided the problems with Kenworthy at first, hoping that those problems would resolve themselves. When that did not happen, he sought to accommodate the Kenworthys. In the end, he ended up having to find a compromise in order to let them leave the company.

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In this case, only the compromise was a truly effective conflict management style. The avoidance only served to let the conflict build. Each phone call was more difficult and each discussion more heated in part because Kalinsky did not adequately address the issue. Even by going to Bruce, he was avoiding direct confrontation with David. The problem resolved itself eventually, however, when the compromise was struck with respect to the settlement agreement. However, it took the threat of legal action to compel Kalinsky to take this step.

Research Proposal on Business Case Kalinsky Was Correct in Firing Assignment

Integrated negotiations focus on finding a win-win solution. This approach involves the parties sitting down and hammering out a deal, typically in which there are multiple issues at stake (, 2009). When Kalinsky finally sat down with the Kenworthys, he did employ integrated negotiations. The two had failed to disappear from the picture simply because their needs were not met. Therefore, it was essential that Kalinsky meet some of their needs in order to have his own needs -- getting rid of the Kenworthys -- met.

That the situation came to a head the way it did was because of multiple communication errors. The first was the failure on the part of Kalinsky to properly communicate to Bruce and David the scope of David's role and the performance expectations therein. That Kalinsky and David did not speak much for a period of years is also a failure of communication. When Kalinsky spoke… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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