Business Case -- Nordstrom the Business Operations Research Proposal

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Business Case -- Nordstrom

The business operations and their results are intensely subjected to the forces within the micro and macro environments. Such forces can easily include the actions and status coming from the political field, the legal-regulatory field, the economic field, the competitive background, the socio-cultural field or the technological one.

An example of how the political field impacts the company is given by the general state of politics. Considering a time of political crisis brought on by the resignation of the government, the international creditors would no longer be willing to offer the funds required by the national institutions. This could materialize in a reduced quality of the public services, meaning that Nordstrom would find it difficult to implement new business strategies which required the approval of the federal authority. Such a situation would impact all organizational departments; the marketing department for instance might have to cease its work on a campaign of international expansion, and focus on how to increase the number of national customers.

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The legal-regulatory field could impact the organization by enforcing new tax regulations, in the meaning of increasing the taxes which need to be paid by Nordstrom. The direct impact onto the marketing department is that they might be forced to reduce their costs. This could materialize in campaigns built on fewer resources or even the downsizing of part of its staff members. In order to respond to this potential threat, the organization should set aside special funds for such situations. Additionally, it should request meetings with the Ministry of Finance and state their concerns that the new legislations is discouraging business operations and has, as such, a more negative, rather than positive, impact.

Research Proposal on Business Case -- Nordstrom the Business Operations Assignment

The most recent economic factor which impacts Nordstrom is given by the internationalized financial crisis, due to which the demand for the company's products has declined. The marketing department was as such forced not only to reduce its costs, but also to design innovative campaigns which appealed to the more financially challenged consumers. Linked to the economic environment is also the increasing competition, given by the intensifying forces of globalization. The marketing team feels as such incremental pressures to perform at superior levels. Their most adequate response would be that of developing campaigns which differentiate Nordstrom and its products from the offering of the competitors.

In terms of the socio-cultural field, the most relevant example is given by the increased preference for eco products, which protect the well-being of the environment. To the marketing team, it materializes in a necessity to promote such products and develop campaigns focused on the eco features of the Nordstrom items. Finally,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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