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Negative Comments About Children

How do you respond? Is the customer's viewpoint ethical?

I would first start by re-examining our branding and marketing strategy. It seems as though the cafe has made a concerted effort to attempt to foster a community which welcomes children and which makes family feel at home. The coffee shop was not created around a brand that appealed to young and hip students or young and hip urban professionals without children. Thus, this customer's remark represents dissatisfaction by someone who is not even a part of our target demographic. This customer is expressing a fair opinion, as some people genuinely do not like children. However, for the business to acquiesce to the customer's remark would require it to change part of the brand imaging that makes it so compelling. Thus, the business can only respond by saying that we are sorry the client had a bad experience, but that we welcome people of all ages to our stores.

How do you encourage an open line of communication with your customers and still maintain an open forum on your Web site?

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Maintaining an open forum on the website is absolutely essential for the good of the company in general. It gives all present and potential customers a sense of honesty and full disclosure. This helps all parties in participation feel as though there is a sense of openness and a certain degree of liberty of self-expression. When there's a feeling of censorship, it can make all parties involved feel as though there is something to hide, a fact which generally does not bode well for the company. Responding to all comments with fairness and with a sense of positivity is the strongest means of dealing with all remarks that customers post.

TOPIC: Case Study on Business Case Study Assignment

The Broadway Cafe needs to take advantage of e-business strategies if it wants to remain competitive. Create a document that discusses the many e-business strategies that the Broadway Cafe could use to increase revenue. Be sure to focus on the different areas of business such as marketing, finance, accounting, sales, customer service, and human resources.

3. Explain how understanding e-business can help you achieve success in each of these areas. A few questions you might want to address include

Instilling a legitimate and self-standing e-business strategy at the Broadway Cafe is absolutely essential. This will allow the cafe to have a dual platform to strengthen its level of stability and to allow it to become even stronger. This will also help by increasing traffic both online and in person to the store. One way of doing this is by having merchandise being sold online. Customers should be able to purchase coffee beans, coffee grinders, coffee-makers, coffee-mugs and other materials… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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