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It is anticipated that lead times necessary to (re)create an entire main product line capable of maintaining the same desirable qualities that constitute the current brand identity without significant amounts of sugar or corn syrup may actually be so great that research and development will have to begin substantially before the formal announcement of the proposed change.

Likewise, the actual reconfigure of the organizational hierarchy to include an executive level composed of medical advisors and nutritionists to provide extensive guidance and leadership in the real of the healthfulness of all Dr. Pepper Snapple Group products may have to await the formal announcement. Meanwhile, initial recruitment and negotiations should proceed to secure the necessary talent and make sure that the new executive management positions are filled by the time of the formal announcement. If necessary, retention agreements would be suggested so that the new executive talent can be in place at the time of the formal announcement (Russell-Whalling, 2008).

Finally, a nationwide strategic marketing campaign would be launched immediately following the formal announcement. It will be created specifically to be capable of ensuring the successful launch and, in effect, re-branding of the entire Dr. Pepper Snapple Group main product line featuring dietetic products that meet the taste (and other) specifications and preferences necessary to retain the vast majority of the organization's current base market.

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Term Paper on Business -- Change Management Project Assignment

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