Business Communications C.E.O Opening a New Hotel Business Plan

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Business Communications


Opening a New Hotel Chain in Kualalumpur, Malaysia

As per your request I have researched the business environment in Malaysia in order to evaluate the scope of our new hotel chain opening up in Malaysia. Malaysia has a highly lucrative tourist industry and can prove to be a very fruitful market for Hotel Ritz.

The Malaysian Tourism Industry

Malaysia is currently one of the world's most rapidly emerging tourist market. Not only tourism but it is a growing economy in general. Sharing its borders with Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia, the tropical Malaysia remains host to foreign tourists throughout the year. For this reason tourism remains one of the third largest sector that contributes to the Malaysian economy.

Apart from the tourism itself, the abundance of natural resources in the country and increasing industrialization has attracted immense amount of foreign investment. As a result, Malaysia also attracts a number of business tourists all year round (Rahman).

The fact that tourism is of high priority to Malaysian government has resulted in strong tourism marketing by the Malaysian government. The tourism campaign 'Malaysia Truly Asia' has proven as one of the most successful tourism campaigns in the world. With Malaysia ranked as the 9th most visited country in the world, opening up a small hotel chain in the country would be a lucrative prospect.

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TOPIC: Business Plan on Business Communications C.E.O Opening a New Hotel Assignment

The Malaysian government recognizes tourism as a key industry and provides immense support to the Malaysian tourism industry. An important step taken by the Malaysian government in this direction is the launching of a tourism promotional campaign called 'Malaysia Truly Asia' (Suratman). This campaign promotes the Malaysian tourism in a very appealing manner. The campaign has an official website that flaunts the country's traditional and modern attractions and implies that Malaysia has something to offer for people of all ages, gender and social stature. The campaign is also active on social networking sites such as Facebook. The official website of the campaign carries out regular online polls to get an idea about the prevalent consumer demands. Moreover the Malaysian government has made and continues to make heavy investments in developing the Malaysian tourist industry and has relaxed policies in order to attract foreign investment in the tourism industry. One of the greatest… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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