Business Comparative Law Essay

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If the contract is agreed to by all parties concerned then, even though the place of business is not located in the country of origin, the location can be governed by the laws of the country of origin (Davis, et al., 2001).


Disputes can occur with any contract when one party or the other believes that they have been wronged. Of course this is complicated when the law of two separate countries is involved. Sometimes, unfortunately there is no clear law from one country or another, and in that case the court of the originating country can make precedent. This is a case where "Whenever a Court has felt what it believed to be the pangs of justice gnawing at it, the Court has had little difficulty in finding an escape from the sanctity of contracts rule. As a matter of fact, it may be fairly said that the exceptions have, for all practical purposes, consumed the rule" (Gathii, 2006). Since there are differences in the way that the law is read between the two countries, mainly based on the inclusion of religious law in Malaysia, it is important that every contract regarding the international IT business carry a clause which makes the Malay law and courts carry the final judgment.


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Essay on Business Comparative Law and Business Assignment

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