Business Data Analysis - Writing SWOT SWOT

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Business Data Analysis - Writing SWOT and Recommendations

Business Data Analysis

The Blue Cut Fashion activates in the apparel industry and so far, they have implemented traditional strategies, based on traditional approaches to the market and the stakeholders. Recently however, the chains' chef executive officer, Mr. James Frost, has decided to implement several changes meant to improve the quality and efficiency of the business process. These changes revolve around modifications in the approach to customers, products, suppliers, intermediaries, partners and sales. A major modification is prone to occur in the chain of distribution and it implies that the company will commence to distribute their products online, through internet based applications and electronic commerce.

This decision has numerous strings attached, both positive as well as negative, gathered up in the SWOT table. Blue Cut Fashion relies on its internal core competencies and external opportunities to launch a new business venture, which will increase the company's revenues, its recognition and market share by allowing it to enter new markets.

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The threats and weaknesses refer to the risks to which the company is becoming exposed and the additional financial efforts they will have to undergo. The manufacturer will have to hire software programmers to develop and actualize the website and databases and will have to ensure the delivery to the online purchased items to the destination requested by the client. This will increase the company's expenditures.

But all the expenses and investments will either be compensated by a reduction of the costs in stores, either will return in the form of increased revenues, profits, market share and interest from investors.

2. Recommendations

SWOT on Business Data Analysis - Writing SWOT and Assignment

Before actually launching into the electronic venture, Blue Cut Fashion must first ask themselves if this is the efficient direction for them. What do they expect to derive from such actions and why would this distribution strategy service them? If the answer is a definite conviction that electronic commercialization of their products would increase their sales revenues by allowing them to approach new markets (O4), with little losses and controlled risks, then they should commence the actual launch.

The first steps to be taken revolve around conducting marketing researches to identify the demand for online sold Blue Cut Fashion products. Then, since the company has limited experience in the domain of internet based applications (W1), they should hire the best software technicians (O2) to develop their website and constantly maintain it up-to-date (W2). Also, they must invest financial resources in purchasing the latest technologies available, in order to make the website easy to access and user-friendly (W3).

In launching their commercial website, Blue Cut Fashion should develop a strong marketing campaign highlighting the benefits of the company's product. The items sold online will meet the same quality standards as the items sold through stores. The company's brand name and international recognition will represent the promise of high quality (S1).

Another thing they must consider when engaging in online activities is the fact that the customer does not physically come to pick up the desired items, but the company must send them to him. As such, they will have to set the basis for a reliable logistics system. This should not pose major difficulties, as Blue Cut Fashion has already developed partnerships with logistics companies, they… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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