Business Entity Regulations Term Paper

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Business Entity Regulations in California

There are many business information codes in California that regulate the process of filing, processing and maintaining documents related to domestic financial corporations. The corporation's section of the California government is responsible for reviewing the actions and business transactions of corporations. Among the business information codes governing corporations include the California Corporations Code which is a general code covering the following: stock corporations, nonprofit corporations, public benefit corporations, mutual benefit corporations and foreign or out of state corporations (Secretary of State, 2005).

The California Corporation's Commission can be reached via the Sacramento office located at 1500 11th Street, Sacramento CA 95814. The office currently provides document filing support, legal review, information retrieval and copies, status updates, and a statement of filings office distinctly for filings only. Corporations may also process documents or acquire information via the San Francisco or Los Angeles regional offices.

To obtain an annual filing report for a corporation currently registered in California a consumer can gain online access via the California Business Search or by ordering a status report or copy of the filing report from the state by filling out a business entities records form (Secretary of State, 2005). Copies of filed statements can also be requested by mail or in person via the Sacramento office of the Secretary of state (Secretary of State, 2005).

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New Business Entity Regulations

TOPIC: Term Paper on Business Entity Regulations Assignment

To start a new corporation or business within the state there are many rules and regulations a business will have to address. There are multiple sources available for new businesses to help with filing requirements (Secretary of State, 2005). Most new businesses will have to start with a blueprint of their business… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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