Business Ethics Is Defined as the Study Thesis

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Business Ethics

Ethics is defined as the study of the nature of morals and morals choices. Generally speaking, ethics exists where standard rules no longer apply and value decisions must be evaluated. Where Business Ethics diverges is that it deals with ethics as specifically practiced in a commercial enterprise. Each setting has its own particular set of ethics, and business is no different. One of the most significant points of difference is that businesses must earn profit, as a point of obligation to the shareholders. This can create goal conflict between the drive for profits and other ethical considerations. Another point of difference is the degree to which businesses are beholden to laws and regulations. Businesses are often subject to far more intense legal scrutiny than are other actors in society and this adds a complicating layer to business ethics. A third difference is that within the business there are individuals who must balance their own ethics, goals and motivations with their obligations to the business and its goals. This means that business ethics cannot be considered strictly an extension of personal ethics. So while the field of business ethics begins with the field of ethics as a whole, the structures particular to the function of business make the study of business ethics a unique field unto itself, with its own specific nuances.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Thesis on Business Ethics Is Defined as the Study Assignment

2) Creating social responsibility requires a number of steps. The company must first set out a definition of the term, in order to provide some guidance as to the objective. Then the ethics must be embraced and implemented by senior management. The code of social responsibility should be easy to understand and readily available to all employees. There should be training to help reinforce the standards of social responsibility in the workplace. Another component is to have personnel capable of providing guidance. Situations will inevitably arise where the employee will not know the course of action, so there should be a way for the employee to seek, confidentially, advice and guidance. There also needs to be system of punishment for those who violate the company's standards of social responsibility. Lastly, the standards should be subject to continuous evaluation and improvement.

3) Sexual harassment in the workplace is defined as unwanted sexual attention. The status of the actors involved is irrelevant, as is the specific nature of the unwanted attention. While incidences of sexual harassment may have declined, the issue remains important for several reasons. The first is that it still occurs. There are still work environments where sexual harassment is condoned or permitted. The second reason is that while modern business practice generally stands against sexual harassment, we operate in a multicultural work world and all of the standards of behavior must be understood by the entire workforce. Each new worker must be made aware of the issue, its definitions and its consequences in order for incidences of sexual harassment to be removed from the workplace.

4) Social responsibility in the business context refers to the responsibility that businesses and their employees have to society as one of the external stakeholders. There are many external stakeholders for any business. Society as a whole is impacted by the activities of business. In the normal course of business, those impacts are seldom negative but managers must always be aware of the impacts to ensure that they do not become negative. Having social responsibility means to be responsible for the actions of the company with respect to the impacts of those actions on society. The actions of business have an impact on the external world. Those impacts must be taken into account as part of the greater ethical responsibility of the company. Actions that result in adverse consequences to the community or environment at large should be avoided.

5) the case on page 52 is about social responsibility. The game is controversial because some of its elements are not appropriate for the entire audience to which it will be exposed. The case illustrates that different versions of the game are acceptable in other cultures, which shows that the unique nature of different stakeholders must be taken into question when considering the social responsibility to those stakeholders. The ethical issue s for Kent are whether or not it is ethical to put the game in a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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