Business Ethics Our Patient Referral Company Fields Term Paper

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Business Ethics

Our patient referral company fields calls from clients with physical or mental disabilities and refers them to appropriate social workers, therapists, or doctors. The basis of the organization is highly ethical, as we do our best to match client and therapist and do not offer special treatment to any doctors. For the most part, our small office operates without any significant moral or ethical issues. Because we act as a tightly-knit community, we generally treat each other with respect and have created a healthy and diverse corporate culture.

However, I have also noticed some minor flaws in the moral practices of some company employees as well as of the company in general. First, the owners of the company remain distant from the employees. They rarely come by the office, and when they do not make an effort to learn names. For the most part, the owners ignore all the people who work in the office. Their attitude itself is not inherently amoral. However, their impersonal attitude carries over into the way they run the office. For example, pay raises are hard to come by; the owners have ignored several requests on the part of employees to raise our pay. Similarly, the owners have recently installed software on all office computers that prevents us from playing games or writing emails during our lunch hour. While intended to increase productivity, the software inhibits our rights to enjoy our lunch hour as we want.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Business Ethics Our Patient Referral Company Fields Assignment

However, the moral problem that is most unique to our company is the following. Because we deal with consumers with health problems, employees are privy to some of the private and personal information of clients. Occasionally, office workers will joke about a client's ailments or problems. For example, the other day a coworker made fun of a client who had twelve different anti-aging plastic surgeries. Even though the client would never find out what was being said, and even though we do not draft privacy contracts with our clients, the act still represents a moral violation of privacy and an ethical violation of trust. Moreover, the gossip makes many office workers uncomfortable. The rights of both employees and clients are being threatened through the seemingly harmless gossip.

Many of the jokes result in some laughter and a temporary sense of friendliness in the workplace, and therefore from a utilitarian perspective the gossip could conceivably be serving a positive purpose in easing workplace tension. A relatively small number of coworkers are bothered by the jokes. A utilitarian would say that the few often have to endure the greater interests of the many.

A utilitarian would also observe that no one in the office and none of the clients are getting physically or financially hurt by the gossip primarily because the information that we have is highly general and therefore not sensitive. For… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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