Business - Ethics Personal Thesis

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Business - Ethics


Personal Moral Perspective in Relation to Classical Moral Systems:

Human ethical values derive from numerous different perspectives with very different bases of their philosophical origin. Character/virtue ethics emphasize the attributes of the underlying motivation of the individual rather than the ultimate result of choices and actions. Deontological ethics in its absolute form requires strict adherence to rules without regard to whether the effect of those rules accomplishes good or causes harm. Utilitarianism focuses exclusively on the effect of human action and on the greatest relative good wherever the outcome of moral choices is ambiguous. Moral relativism conceives of all moral values as subjective rather than objective and as exclusive functions of societal norms and values.

My personal ethical perspective absolutely rejects moral relativism in principle, precisely because it allows virtually anything that is condoned by society, including actions that violate every other mechanism of moral decision making. According to moral relativism, the Christians who sheltered Jews in Nazi Germany and occupied Europe to prevent their murder were committing immoral acts because they violated the social values of the Nazis and the laws then in place in that society.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Thesis on Business - Ethics Personal Ethics and the Assignment

Similarly, I reject the absolute deontological perspective for the same reason, as well as because even formal rules that ordinarily achieve moral results are sometimes completely inadequate to address moral issues, such as when strict adherence to them actually contradicts objective aspects of morality. For example, an absolute moral rule against lying ordinarily prevents deceptive and dishonest conduct designed to take unfair advantage of others. However, in certain situations, such as shielding someone from heartbreaking knowledge, deception may serve a moral purpose. Character/virtue ethics are usually consistent with objective moral values, but because they emphasize motivation rather than the effect of human choices and actions, may sometimes lead to contradictory results where motivation is less meaningful than results. Utilitarianism is closest to my own philosophical moral perspective because it values the ultimate effect of moral decisions and because it offers a logical approach to weighing competing interests where moral choices result in some harm in addition to moral good.

Personal Ethical Perspective and Potential Problems in the Workplace:

Because I reject moral absolutism completely, I would anticipate that this might present a conflict in many work environments by virtue of the fact that vocational environments, much like larger human societies, tend to feature institutionalized values.


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