Business Law Midterm One the Fourth Term Paper

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Business Law Midterm

One the Fourth of July, Pat and Mary were drinking beer with their friends Doug at Pat and Mary's house. They were shooting off Roman candles. Mary lit a Roman candle, but it failed to ignite. Doug said, "Let me see that," took it from her, and looked down into the firework. The firework exploded in Doug's face, causing 2nd degree burns and scratching his eye. Because they had all been drinking, Pat and Mary did not drive to the hospital, but called the ambulance to get Doug. The ambulance was delayed because of the holiday, and Doug's eye injury resulted in permanent blindness because of the delay in treatment. There is no liability for negligence. While Pat and Mary, as hosts, had a duty to protect Doug from known risks, they did not expose him to a known risk. Doug took the firework from Mary and looked into it; she did not point it at him. Moreover, while the firework was the proximate cause of an actual injury, there is no evidence that they failed to exercise reasonable care. The delay in treatment was caused by Pat and Mary not driving straight to the hospital, but this delay demonstrated them exercising reasonable care because they were too intoxicated to drive.

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2. Roberta could use a combination of trademark (register for a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office), copyright (register with the U.S. Copyright Office), and patent protection to protect her game. Trademarks will protect the name of her game, copyright will protect the expression of her game, and a patent, which is more difficult to obtain, protects the idea behind her game. Roberta's best bet is to hire an attorney that handles intellectual property and have the attorney handle the patent application, even if Roberta is able to handle the trademark and copyright on her own, because a patent has to demonstrate a uniqueness and innovation that does not have to exist for the other two.

Term Paper on Business Law Midterm One the Fourth of Assignment

3. No, Leroy is not guilty of Larceny. He did commit the actus reus by taking the personal property of another. However,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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