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(Top Ten Leadership Qualities of Successful CIO's)

However, there is an inherent danger when a manager starts to drive his team to succeed, and this is that the manager will lose his effective management skills when he attempts to drive his team to succeed and then does not manage the team well. When the business leader is able to be a visionary, wherein he will see the eventual success of the company, and also be able to visualize the company as having already reached the pinnacle of success, then this would only bode well for the company, because of the fact that when a manager is able to look forward to where he is today, and the direction in which the business is actually proceeding, then he would be able to use that vision to move the company forward into he realms of success.

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However, all the above mentioned are only secondary to the basic communication skills that a good business leader and manager must be in possession of, and it is only when the manager is able to communicate exactly what he wants done to his team of personnel, would he be able to succeed as an efficient and effective manager who would be able to garner profits for his organization. Among various communication skills is the innate ability of a manager to talk to his people, whether he is being tech-savvy or ignorant. For example, if the manager were to talk completely IT talk, which cannot be understood by the less savvy people, then he would not be able to either communicate or even sell well to them. In a nutshell, good communication skills are essential to the development of a good business relationship, and if that fact cannot be accomplished, then there is no question of this individual being a good team leader or an efficient manager for his organization. (Top Ten Leadership Qualities of Successful CIO's)

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Good managers are always in great demand, and when there is an economic crisis of some kind, and then a good business manager would be vitally needed to pull the organization together. A good manager is an individual who combines his leadership qualities with the innate goal of building a profitable and a viable company. An organization, in turn, can be termed 'healthy' when it has a number of satisfied customers, and it must be remembered that customers are never very easily satisfied. In general, a customer is happy when this company offers him more than that company, and he feels that he is getting a better deal. Nestle, Swatch, and Novartis are perfect examples of top companies that have benefited under efficient management. (Good Management Skills can be learned)

The business manager, in these companies, has a very good inside knowledge of the company and its workings, so much so that he is able to understand the goals of the company better, and therefore able to motivate his team in such a way that the achievement of these goals becomes of paramount importance, without which, the team members are convinced, the company would not be able to succeed. A good manager must use the tools available to him as effectively as possible, like for example, the meetings between the personnel of the company, and the subsequent preparation of the reports. A deep knowledge of the job design, an awareness of the budget that has been allocated for the purpose, and the regular appraisal of the various outputs, and the systematic refuse disposal, and, the most important of all, the possession of a good personal working method. (Good Management Skills can be learned)


To conclude, a good manager is an individual who combines his leadership qualities with the innate goal of building a profitable and a viable company. A manager would need excellent administrative skills that can start an operation and run it smoothly. One of the best qualities that a business leader would possess is the existence of a good supply management capability in the individual. Another good quality of an effective business manager is that he would have an excellent understanding of the financial statements, etc., of the company. A business leader must also possess the direction and the skill to think and plan strategically. However, if the manager lacks expertise in any one area, then he must be efficient enough to be able to choose a team that would cover these lapses. The delegation of responsibility between the team members, and teaching the members to learn from their mistakes and not criticizing them would go a long way towards improving the efficiency of the team. However, the entire above mentioned are only secondary to the basic communication skills that a good business leader and manager must be in possession of. When all the above skills are combined with the communications skills of the manager, then the company would most definitely be able to reap benefits.


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