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This is an admirable quality and his workers will appreciate him in the long run. This stance also gives the employees greater job security because they know that their manager will fight to maintain their jobs even at his own expense.

If Ryan were to choose to place the burden on his workers they may be too worried about loosing their jobs to be productive. Productivity is important in any industry because it aids the company in making a profit; Firm's want to ensure that their employees are as productive as possible and usually go to great lengths to make certain that employees are as productive as possible. When there is a high demand for a product the productivity of the firm is critically important.

2. How would his decision affect various guidelines for communicating changes that we have discussed?

Communication is the lifeblood of any organization. Ryan may have to come to some compromise on the amount of information that he provides his workers with. He doesn't want to alarm them but at the same time he might not want to leave them totally uninformed either. He has to find a balance between how much they need to know and the amount of information that will impede upon their ability to be productive. Finding this balance is important so that the workers can be prepared if the financial health of the company does not improve.

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It is important that Ryan communicate some of the problems that the company is facing so that his employees are not shut out of the planning process. His workers could aid Ryan in coming up with solutions that will ease the pressure of the company's downsizing. At the same time Ryan should avoid overburdening the workers with the details of downsizing.

3. If you were Ryan, how would you handle/communicate the change to your employees?

If I were Ryan I would definitely attempt to shelter my employees from being burdened by the downsizing. I would not want to jeopardize their peace of mind or the productivity of the firm. I would also take most of the burden up myself. I would want to protect my workers for as long as possible. As a manager I would hope that the financial health of the company would improve.

Term Paper on Business Leadership What Are the Assignment

In addition, I would also give them some information pertaining to the nature of the downsize. I would attempt to only expose them to the aspects of the downsize that they need to be aware of. I would want them to be prepared in case the financial condition of the company did not improve. As manager I would also try to assure my workers that I am doing everything in my power to ensure that they do not loose their jobs. I would seek to comfort them while still communicating the financial condition of the company.

1. Identify the major diversity issues and problem impact on the business.

The major diversity issues that Ann is dealing with in Germany involve the cultural differences between Germans and American. While living in America Ann was use to working in an environment that encouraged interpersonal contact. When she became an employee in Germany she had to learn that those questions were inappropriate. Additionally, she had to deal with the misconceptions that Germans had about Americans.

When Ann moved back to the states her American coworkers felt that she would betray them and aid the German office. They had many misconceptions about Germans and the competitiveness between the two offices contributed greatly to her dilemma. Ann was caught between the two sides.

2. As an HRD practitioner, how might you begin to define the organizational impact of diversity at GutenBusiness.

As an HRD practitioner how would begin to define the organizational impact of diversity by examining the experiences of employees that have worked abroad and employees that are working away from their native country. Examining these experiences would allow me to ascertain the impact of diversity on the organization. I would examine the ways in which conflicts with diversity have an affect upon employee morale and productivity. I would then examine the ways in which decreases in morale and productivity negatively impact the company's profits. Additionally, I would monitor the interactions between employees that have gone abroad to works and those that have not.

3. How could GutenBusiness increase its effectiveness in transferring employees between countries?

GutenBusiness could make employee transfer more effective by training employees on what to expect when they enter a new country. The purpose of expanding to a new country is to have an advantage over the competition. The company should not sabotage this purpose by not giving their employees the appropriate amount of training.

The employees should learn as much about the culture and the work environment as they can before they enter the country. In doing this the employee can be more at ease when they begin to work in their new environment.

The employees should definitely have diversity training. They should also be tested and only be allowed to enter a new office if they pass the test. The test will be standardized and given to all employees that are planning to work in a foreign country. Employees should never be thrown into an environment that they are not familiar with if they have not received the appropriate training. The employees entering the environment should know and understand the various challenges that they may face. They should also understand that people in different regions of the world have different work ethics and may handle business affairs differently. When all these things are understood, it is probable that the employee will be better suited for entering the new environment.

4. How could GutenBusiness facilitate better understanding between the U.S. And German offices?

The assumptions that the Americans have about the Germans and the Germans have about the Americans must be eliminated. Both offices must attempt to bridge the gap between the two cultures. Some of this can be accomplished through diversity training. Managers can also come up with creative ways to get the two offices involved. The company can try to have a joint class through teleconferencing so that the two offices can interact. This will give the offices an opportunity to get to know each other on a more intimate level and help to eliminate some of the misconceptions that they have about one another.

The company may also want to bring in an individual such as Ann that has worked in both environments. This may aid in bridging the gap between the Germans and Americans because the individuals can be a mediator between the two sides. A mediator can provide the company with the ability to meet the goals that it has for both offices and firm's overall goals.

The managers may also want to create a project that the two offices must work on together. This will initiate an exchange between the two offices that will force them to work as a team as opposed to competing against one another. The Germans and the Americans must be put into a situation that will cause them to realize that they are all working towards a common goal which is the expansion of Guten Business.


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