Business Level Corporate Level Strategies Essay

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Similarly Kellogg's is also encountered with various challenges posed by its rivals. Kellogg's major competition to some extent is from most companies within the similar subsector of food industry.

Three major competitors of Kellogg's are General Mills Inc., Nestle, and Ralcorp Holding. Processing's Top 100 list ranks companies in the food industry with processing plants in the U.S. And Canada based "their sales of value-added, consumer-ready" goods and places Kellogg Co. It is also important to observe that Nestle and General Mills have dropped one position compared to previous year's list; Ralcorp Holdings has gained three positions while Kellogg has maintained its position on the list.Regarded as one of the largest food companies in the world, General Mills, Inc. is one the Kellogg's top competitors in the cereal arena. With a brand arsenal constituting kid-friendly Kix along with familiar names such as Chex, Cheerios, Lucky Charms and Wheaties, General Mills proves to be a formidable competition for Kellogg vying for the number one spot every year.

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Nestle on the other hand is the world leader in coffee but with its assorted product lines of coffee, baby food, chocolate and bottled water, proves to be competition for Kellogg as the provider of alternatives in the segments. Nestle's arsenal of brands constitutesBuitoni, Dreyer's, Maggi, Milkmaid, Carnation and Kit Kat. Finally, Ralcorp Holdings is a major player in the food service market and the largest maker of private label or store brand products in the U.S. It's portfolio includes Ralston ready-to eat and hot breakfast cereals, Bremner crackers and cookies, Medallion corn snacks, Nutcracker trail mixes and Linette chocolates. It is important to note that ConAgra Foods acquired Ralcorp Holdings in 2013.

Difference in slow-cycle and fast-cycle markets:

TOPIC: Essay on Business Level Corporate Level Strategies Assignment

There are three major market cycles that are specific to business and company operations. The corporate, business, and functional strategies are also impact the market cycle of the products. The fast cycle markets have specific features that are different with respect to the standard and slow cycle markets. At the same time it also impacts the strategies that are adopted to attain growth and increase profitability. The pace of competition and product cycles are also different in all three market cycles. The fast cycle markets are more volatile and require a quick response in terms of innovations and its leading the market towards successful acquisition of enhanced features in the products (Hitt et al., 2012).

Kellogg's products are related to slow cycle products that have enabled the business to maintain its market presence for such long period of time. The response time in these products is also relatively slower. However the slow cycle markets are diminishing with technology and globalization. The products within the market place are introduced with fast cycle features and soon competitors introduce related features that replace already existing products. The product of Kellogg's and strategy is also aligned with the nature of its business. The related diversification and single product focus is not an appreciable strategy in fast cycle markets. Fast cycle products essentially require a diligent and continuous focus on innovation in related and unrelated sectors. Moreover it also requires a global presence (Hitt et al., 2012).


The Kellogg's business strategy to focus on a product line and diversifying within the similar products has enabled the business to specialize and develop its brand identity with this respect. The corporate strategy shift observed during 2010 is due to the perceived threat from its rivals. The business identified a consumer centric approach in redefining its products. The products were launched with additional nutritious components that were found deficient in the United States consumers. The fruit bars and adding flavors to the breakfast cereals has complimented corporate strategy for business growth. The brand recognition as a noble and customer centric brand was also enriched. The geographic diversification has also provided business with increased potential for profitability. However the notable feature that the corporate and business strategies should be in-line with market cycle as certain fast cycle markets require a related and unrelated diversification. It also requires the business to enhance its products through efficiently integrating additional features.


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