Business Management in the 21st Century Answer Essay

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a need for clear-cut definitions and ideas, and so on. A manager of a global company should have a high level of cultural intelligence as this will inform his or her social intelligence. The leader will be able to direct others within the organization based on an understanding of how different cultures approach different ideas. Meeting expectations and avoiding upsetting or offending business partners in other nations is something that every successful leader must be able to do when operating on the global stage. Hofstede’s model of cultural dimensions allows leaders to better understand how they stand in relation to others and what attitudes they can expect to encounter when developing international relationships.

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The elements of Candy Crush Saga that I think appeal to consumers from many different cultures because it taps into the universal need of humans to solve brain teasers. No matter what culture one is of, there will always be a group within its society that likes to tackle riddles or problems because they enjoy mental challenges. Varonis and Varonis (2015) show that “the game appeals as a result of the complex underpinnings to the seemingly simple puzzle”—i.e., it presents a mental riddle that has to be solved. Like the video game Tetris, there is an unending nature to the riddle and one can set aside other issues and recreate with a little electronic fun for a few moments out of the day. It is like doing a crossword puzzle except that instead of thinking about words, one is thinking about how to arrange cubes in order to win the game. It is a game that relies on the visual abilities of the player and not so much on the educational level of the player, whereas something like a crossword requires that the player have a strong vocabulary. For this reason, the game also has universal appeal as it places no need on any skills that are specific to a particular region or culture.

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The Triple Bottom Line: Corporate Social Responsibility, Economic Value, and Effect on the Environment

Answer Essay on Business Management in the 21st Century Assignment

The Triple Bottom Line Includes the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility, Its Economic Value, and Its Effect on the Environment. In Many Cases, the Company’s Effect on the Environment Plays into Its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. For Example, Companies Like Patagonia and Eileen Fisher Pledge to Have Zero Waste in Their Production and Have Built Their Brand on the Concept of Sustainability, Much as Tesla Has. As Sustainability, Social Issues and the Environment are Now Important to Many Consumers all Over the Planet, a U.S. Firm that is Able to Show a Strong Triple Bottom Line is One that Will be Able to Compete in the Coming Years as More and More of the Market Turns to Green Energy, Sustainability, and the Promotion of Human Rights. Companies that Fail to Take into Consideration the Importance of the Triple Bottom Line Will be Eventually Forced out of the Market Place for Lack of Reflecting the Vision and Values of the 21st Century Consumer in the Current Globalized Society (svenson Et Al., 2018). Competitive U.S. Firms Will be Required to Show to Foreign Countries that They Have Their Cultures, People, Environment and Best Interests at Heart in Order to Build a Strong Consumer Base and Brand Loyalty.

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  8. Framing the Triple Bottom Line Approach: Direct and Mediation… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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