Business Management -- Communications Issues Case Study

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Business Management -- Communications Issues

Defining the Issues

Kava represents a potential opportunity for business growth for this organization as well as an opportunity to contribute positively to the indigenous population in the process. For a company such as ours that is committed to achieving meaningful goals for the communities in which it conducts business, Kava is a perfect environment to succeed on both counts simultaneously. In that regard, there are three principle issues to be considered: First, the nature of the economic opportunities for this organization; Second, the manner in which those economic opportunities should be pursued and developed to uphold this organization's values and commitment to benefiting the local communities in which it does business; and Third, reasonable appreciation, management, and mitigation of the various risks posed by the nature of the new business environment.

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There are primarily three main types of industries available for development on Kava: (1) Industrial Development (i.e. petroleum refinement, natural gas extraction, and commercial fishing); (2) Consumable Produce (i.e. coffee, cocoa, spices, bananas, and sugar); and (3) Tourism. Additionally, there is the potential for developing both physical infrastructure and human resource capital. Ideally, our organization will exploit all of those potential opportunities in a manner that is symbiotic and that contributes meaningfully to the host community while also generating income for our efforts. More specifically, we hope to develop industrial processes to produce, refine, and export petroleum and natural gas; we hope to develop and process the optimum quantity and quality of consumable produce for local consumption and export; and we hope to develop the maximum potential of the Tourism trade.

TOPIC: Case Study on Business Management -- Communications Issues Defining the Assignment

Toward those ends, we intend to contribute to the development of the organizations and institutions necessary to maximize the ability of Kava to develop vocational opportunities in all of those areas for its indigenous population, including in relation to establishing and maintaining the necessary physical infrastructure to support all of those goals over the long-term. Finally, our goals include the development of the organizations and administrative processes to mitigate the risks posed by the identifiable sources of harm to the community and to any operations established on Kava.

Forces Involved in Formulation of the Problem

There are three principal forces involved in the formulation of the problem: (1) The specific nature of the economic opportunities identified previously; (2) the demographic breakdown of the local population; and (3) the specific nature of the potential risks involved and the cost (in both economic and human terms) of mitigating… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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