Business Management Discuss Specific Challenges Term Paper

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4. Detail the steps in the rational decision-making process as it relates to the following three scenario:

A. A manager at K-Mart who recognizes the need for the store to recover from its prolonged poor image and retail slump might follow these steps of thought:

1. People do not shop here because we are not as cheap as Wal-Mart nor as upscale as Target.

2. We do not have the resources to change our stores fundamentally so we have to capitalize on what we have.

3. We cannot charge as little as Wal-Mart because they pay their employees less. But we can capitalize on the public's uneasiness about exploited workers by running an ad campaign emphasizing our commitment to our workers.

4. Target has been successful because it emphasizes its unique products. We should also do so - and more than we have in the past - relying on our name brands such as clothing by Jaclyn Smith to help us.

B. A plant manager realizes that employee turnover is up by over 10%.

1. The manager must first ask himself or herself why turnover has increased.

2. If he or she doesn't know, then the manager must talk to workers to find out.

3. The manager must take steps to remedy the problems that the workers find most serious. He or she may not be able to do so, of course, but often some problems that really bother workers can be relatively cheaply solved. For example, has some new, expendable rule just come into effect that has prompted the higher rate of turnover?

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4. The manager must find ways to reward seniority. Additional days of vacation or increased flexibility in scheduling hours for those workers with more seniority may well convince workers that they should stay with their current job to reap these benefits.

C. A student suddenly realizes that a "C" is a strong possibility for a final grade.

1. The student should review how many points are still obtainable in the class.

2. The student should talk with the instructor about making up any missed work.

3. The student should talk with the instructor about revising any work that received a low grade.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Business Management Discuss Specific Challenges Assignment

4. The student should talk with the instructor about doing extra-credit work.

5. The student should consider dropping the course and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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