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The Comparative Benefits and Risks of at-Will Employment

I agree with your conclusion that employees are in a much safer position working in due-process situations and with the full benefit of formal performance appraisal and remedial or disciplinary procedures than in at-will circumstances. Organizations are also less likely to encounter liability but only where those policies and procedures are fully complied with and properly implemented. Where the organization maintains formal disciplinary and performance appraisal policies but fails to adhere to them strictly, there is considerably more liability risk for wrongful termination than where employment is at will.

There is also the argument that at-will employment motivates better performance because employees know that their jobs are not protected by formal procedures and that they are subject to termination at any time without cause provided no discrimination or harassment or other improper reasons for termination exist. Likewise, employees may conduct themselves more professionally and cooperatively when they know that issues other than strict "performance" may result in their termination. For example, personality mismatches among coworkers or mismatches between individual employees and the organizational corporate culture are not sufficient cause for termination in due process/formal policy employment situations; however, they may be sufficient for termination in at-will employment.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Business Management -- Human Resource Issues -- Assignment

I agree that the proper implementation, interpretation, and application of formal disciplinary policies and procedures is crucial where they exist. In fact, the existence of those kinds of policies is potentially much more dangerous to an organization than at-will employment unless there is a very serious effort made to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Business Management: Human Resource Issues and Practices Case Study

Business Management -- Human Resource Issues Essay

Business Management -- Human Resource Issues Essay

Business Management -- Human Resource Issues Response Case Study

Business Management -- Human Resource Issues Plan Essay

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