Business Management -- Human Resource Issues Response Case Study

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Business Management -- Human Resource Issues

Response to Sean

The way that Agilent handled the downsizing situation sounds ideal. The most important thing they did was establish a completely objective set of criteria to decide which employees had to be laid off. By using only objective criteria -- in this case, location -- the company protected itself against any possible discrimination or wrongful termination claims against the company. The other things that Agilent apparently did right in this case was to treat the laid off employees a fairly as possible because the way that employees feel about how they were treated plays a tremendous role in their response to the situation: those who feel that the organization did right by them are much less likely to resort to legal action against the company. Finally, Agilent also employed good strategy in securing releases of liability in return for extra consideration that exceeded the compensation or severance to which the laid off employees were entitled.

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Case Study on Business Management -- Human Resource Issues Response Assignment

I agree with the importance of documenting information but I would not place as much emphasis on whether or not the instances of lateness were factually accurate. If they were recorded through ordinary business reporting processes, they are actually presumed to be reliable enough to qualify them as evidence in a court of law under the concept of "official business records." I would focus more on making sure that the lateness issue is being enforced fairly and uniformly by the manager to avoid any possibility of claims against the organization for discrimination or wrongful termination if lateness becomes one of the bases for eventual termination. In that respect, what is more important than the amount of lateness… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Business Management -- Human Resource Issues Essay

Business Management -- Human Resource Issues Essay

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