Business Management -- Human Resource Issues Plan Essay

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Business Management -- Human Resource Issues

Plan for Disciplinary Meeting

The disciplinary meeting must address all three issues in their relative order of importance. Specifically, the disciplinary meeting will address poor work performance, tardiness, and conduct issues. Prior to the meeting with the employee, Human Resources representatives will meet with the individual's supervisor to ascertain the necessary information and details at issue. During the meeting with the employee and his manager or supervisor, the HR representative will advise the employee of the apparent problems and inquire into any explanation that could potentially explain his side of things. For example, the HR representative will ask whether the employee has encountered any medical, physical, or psychological problems that could have contributed to his actions and work performance.

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TOPIC: Essay on Business Management -- Human Resource Issues Plan Assignment

Some of the potential pitfalls and legal issues include accusations of discrimination or failure to accommodate disabilities. That is why the HR representative will first provide the employee the opportunity to rule out causes or explanations for the apparent inappropriate conduct or poor performance in the realm of any possible issues that could trigger discrimination claims. The HR representative can avoid these pitfalls by confirming, for example, that the employee is not suffering from any medical or physical disability that interferes with his work performance or ability to get to work on time. Similarly, HR would want to rule out any possible emotional or psychological ailments or conditions that could have caused the verbal outburst before taking action that is appropriate without any legally recognized mitigating factors. More generally, the role of human resources is primarily to mediate between the employee and the supervisor to provide the employee… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Business Management -- Human Resource Issues Essay

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