Business Management Article Critique

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Business Ethics

Josep M. Lozano conducted a research using analysis of several studies on the topic of Business Ethics with a view to examine the controversial issue relating to ethics and management. In his study, the researcher demonstrates the need to redefine ethics in general in order to promote a closer link between ethics, especially business ethics and the various decision-making processes. The study was carried out as part of a wider research project that seeks to assess how ethical standards are connected with theories of management and organization. In order to accomplish the goals of the study, the researcher proposes reevaluation of management based on the cultural changes occurring and maintains that organizational management is a major factor in this cultural change.

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Through analysis of several studies related to the subject of Business Ethics, the article is based on two major topics or issues. One of the topics is emphasis that management should be reassessed based on cultural changes that are taking place despite the effect of management in this change. In this case, the researcher considers management as a major factor in understanding cultural change, which necessitates reshaping the organizational model and redefining management models or techniques. Secondly, the researcher suggests redefining ethics in order to promote a closer connection between ethics and decision-making procedures given that there is need for ethics to be understood as something that means more than the application of some values. The need to redefine ethics to promote closer relationship with management is driven by the fact that existing management and organizational models are associated with various limitations and consequences (Lozano, 1996, p.233). The limitations and consequences of existing models seem to prevent the establishment of closer relationships between ethics and management.

TOPIC: Article Critique on Business Management Assignment

The author seems to be addressing business executives and management scholars because of his emphasis on different approaches and paradigms as well as the framework of ethics. The research… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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